Sacred Energy Package




The energy is very strong on the planet right now. There are two ways to use this energy, get lost in it or use it to empower your being. This package starts by shaking up the static old energy light.  These 3 activations work in combination to dismantle low frequency emotions and replace them with light codes of the New Earth. Become a manifestation powerhouse with the Moving Energetic Mountains activation. Enjoy this trinity of activations working for your highest good.

3 Activations Included:

Moving Energetic Mountains ($35 Value)
The Crystal Kingdom supports this divine shift of our perceptions of the “mountains” that stand between where we are and where we seek to be.

Sacred Energetic Bonfire and Release ($35 Value)
On the sacred grounds of this energetic bonfire, the Activation will create space for all that is coming in 2020. From the numerological perspective, 2019 was the first year of a new 7 year cycle. As we near the end of this year of new beginnings, it is ours to clear away everything that is ready to be released and all that is no longer serving. Things old and new bubble up to the surface to get our attention including old connections and relationships that pop up not to begin again but for you to know what you know. With our Sacred Energetic Bonfire and Release Activation, we visualize, see and feel ourselves being called forward as we release physical, mental and financial limitations and relationships and any and all relationships, family patterns and obstacles to our purpose work. With the primary guidance and facilitation of Archangel Michael, gather with your ancestors, your lineage and all living beings willing to let something go today as you toss it all into the bonfire and move forward into what more is possible for you.

Upleveling Your Light Codes in the Forest of Light ($35 Value)
Continued dismantling of old paradigms on the universal, energetic level. Throughout this period, many experience a “static” element in the external energy ~ feelings of overwhelm, outside energy intruding upon you, forgetfulness, stress and struggles with communication to name a few. All of this static is a result of the shifting out of the old patriarchal energy and moving into the new higher vibrational frequencies.

Are you ready to embrace this upleveling and release old patterns, energy and paradigms? Join me for a powerful activation as we bathe in additional layers of protection and ground our structures (homes, cars, any rooms in which we practice, etc.) with the support of the trees and the divine light of prime source. As we breathe through these moments of static and ground more deeply in this forest of light, we will feel and know that we are always protected and these moments of disruption are temporary. In opening to receiving through these new light codes and surrendering and releasing old density into mother earth for her own healing, we uplevel to the higher vibrational energy and the exponential expansion of our own light bodies and Oneness with Source.