Activation for Empowered Change


27 Minute Audio Activation



This is a sort of all purpose utility activation. To understand the full use of this Activation, think of the term utility player as used in sport. A utility player is one who is able to play any position well in order to support the team to their highest success.  This is the broad spectrum application of this Activation as change is always occurring and we want to receive change for the good that it is. Use this Activation to prepare for change you know is coming. It can also be used when you find yourself in the midst of great change and times of chaos and turbulence (which are always happening somewhere out there in the 3D world and may be energetically impacting us no matter how much we aim to clear and protect our energy fields). This Activation is also to be used to call in your Soul Group and all those who will support you as you move deeper into living your life on purpose and into consciously doing your purpose work. You can also use this Activation to call in those people you will serve with your purpose work including your clients and all those waiting for your guidance and assistance.

As with all of my activations,  it is energetically infused. Gift yourself 28 minutes to support and empower yourself as you call in and move through change.