“Beth will take your hand in hers and guide you to the exact point of pain that needs to be acknowledged for emotional release. Then she will assist you with transforming that problem persona into a loving and supportive part of your soul, followed by a full integration to enable the truth of you to shine.”

– Janet LH., Certified Theta Practitioner

 Divine Readings

We all have spirit guides, angels & wise-one teams ready to guide & support us on our journey. In a Divine Reading, I connect with yours and deliver their messages & guidance.

  •  60 Minute Reading: $150

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Energetic Body Blueprint Scan, Clearing & Activation

With Divine guidance, we scan your energetic body & identify blocks, stuck points, cords & hooks. Areas where the flow of your energy is restricted or blocked are cleared. Cords & hooks are removed. Your energetic field is activated to flow in harmony with the Divine light of all you are.

  • 60 minute Scan: $150  

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Integrative Soul Technology Clearing (IST) 

  • 60 Minute IST Clearing: $175
  • Bundle of 3 IST Clearings: $475

 Psychologists have long recognized that humans function from an interaction of unconscious drives & forces coupled with the different structures, or archetypes, of the personality. An archetype, or a persona, is a part of you that fragmented off from the whole of you as a result of a painful, traumatic event.  Fear, sadness, anger & other vibrationally low emotions fuel personas, the fractured parts of you, that emerge in times of fear, doubt or anger to protect you (e.g. the saboteur, the procrastinator, the perfectionist, the victim and so on).

Until you heal these aspects, you will continue to experience the same challenges as that is the Universe’s way of offering you an opportunity to transform & heal. Without needed healing, you will attract the same relationships, jobs, financial issues, health concerns, destructive emotions, depleting habits, negative thought forms, crisis & mishaps that do not fulfill & expand your life.

Personas function like a bunch of grapes; pulling out one leaves the rest still on the vine. A series of 3 sessions has shown to be the most effective way to get at the whole bunch.

To learn more about the IST process click HERE

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Intuitive Spiritual Counseling (ISC)


For those that are ready to go deeper with the work to clear what blocks and obstructs you from living your life on purpose and opening to shining your light fully, I offer Intuitive Spiritual Counseling

This work deepens your ability to access, understand, process and use your own intuitive gifts and to activate the purpose work you are here to do.

This type of session combines all the work I am blessed with the ability and training to do so that in the ISC sessions you receive information from your guides and all of the Divine, energy work, healing, clearing, re-patterning the beliefs, ideas and stories you hold.

This also includes divinely guided intuitive coaching, and in particular coaching of the aspect of you that is a healer, guide, counselor or coach.

This program requires a commitment to at least 2 sessions a month for the first 3 to 6 months depending on how the work progresses.

Sessions are available for 60 or 90 minutes

Rates of the various options:

  • Weekly 60 minute sessions $500/month
  • Weekly 90 minute sessions $600/month
  • Bi-Weekly 60 minute sessions $300/month
  • Bi-Weekly 90 minute sessions $350/month

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Combination Packages

  • 90 Minute IST Clearing with ISC and Guidance: $225
  • Bundle of 3 IST Clearings with ISC and Guidance: $610

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Akashic Record Reading

  • $80 – 30 minute session
  • $150 – 60 minutes

The Akashic Records, or “The Book of Life,” is the etheric central storehouse of all information for every soul since the dawn of Creation. The Records contain every deed, word, feeling, thought and intent that has ever occurred in the history of the earth and connect us with each other.

The Records are interactive and influence our daily lives, including our relationships, emotions, belief systems and the potential realities we manifest and draw toward us. They contain the origin for every archetypal symbol or mythic story which has ever influenced, touched and formed patterns of human behavior and experience.

The records are the inspiration and bedrock for our dreams, visions and creations. They impact our human consciousness and are a part of our Divine Mind. The Records guide, educate, inform and transform each living being to their highest good.

In this session, we open your individual Akashic Records and enter the heart of your soul to connect with the wisdom and spiritual authority that is you. Before your session, you will select 3 questions about that which you seek greater clarity, guidance, information or a deeper understanding.

The questions can cover any area of interest or concern whether health, relationships, career, life purpose, spiritual gifts, past lives, answers to difficult problems and recurring patterns. Your Masters, Teachers and Ancestors are called in to assist you in seeing the answer clearly and will always offer only the highest truth and that which is in your highest interest. Readings can also be done for your children, pets, homes and business.

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