Awaken to your Tree of Life Spirit Within




[Teachings and activation originally recorded in MEHC 9.2022]

In this Healing Circle lecture and activation, you will work with the sacred geometric figure of the Tree
of Life and the Spirit Within. You will explore the rich history of the Tree of Life from many different religious and historical
perspectives. You will journey as witness observer to illuminate your personal familial tree roots and discern what within
yourself needs support and what you need to let go of; and what needs recognition and honor. You will have the opportunity to compare your inner setpoint for inner peace before the activation and again afterwards as you experience the presence of
the Forest of Life and your own Tree of Life. This powerful universal symbol is personalized for you and supports you to open to your NOW intention, amplifying what serves you and disposing of what does not as you embrace your own Divine Sovereignty. The work in this lecture and activation amplifies, illuminates and clarifies your personal connection to and awakening of the the Tree of Life Spirit within you. Do you feel the tree roots connecting beneath your feet? With the current energy we are dealing with take this time to reframe and harness your thoughts and perceptions, to recalibrate your set-point and open to your inner aliveness. Learn how to reconstruct your orientation each day and to engage with your Tree of Life Spirit. In the activation, you will be guided to a bonfire and a ritual dance where with the support of your spirit team, you will discover what your Tree of Life offers you in your life as you go forward as you receive the joyous support of the boughs of your own Tree of Life Spirit Within.