Release. Recharge. Recalibrate




[Teachings and Activation just released from the IAMSol Vault – originally recorded MEHC 11-2018]

Beth takes you on a 57 minute journey to the realm of love, to Sirius, the brightest star in our sky, to commune with the archangels, your guardian angels, your wise one team, your higher self and your loving ancestors to clear and cleanse your chakras. You will be gently guided to release everything that no longer serves you and to recharge and recalibrate yourself and your connection to higher vibrational energies. The Divine Ones assist you to activate your heart with the gift of resonance from their heart lights. You will reset your neural pathways to that state of being which is in alignment with all that you are. Beth will guide you to release anything that separates you from Divine lightness of being and the love of our Mother-Father-God. As you proceed on this journey, divine beings will guide you to balance and recalibrate your mental mind divine masculine energy so it serves the heart-based divine feminine energy that is meant to lead us on our purposeful path. In this sacred and safe place, you will receive your super powers as a divine gift bestowed upon you with ease and grace. On this journey, you will be guided and supported to let go and accept the divine guidance and inspiration that is lovingly brought through so be ready to connect and receive their loving support and stability as you make space in your life for new higher vibrational energies. You can make a mighty difference to yourself and our beloved Mother Earth with this divine support and highly activated light.