Violet Flame Activation




[Teachings and Activation just released from the IAMSol Vault – originally recorded MEHC 12-2018]

In this hour-long activation you can expect deep healing (especially beneficial during the Holiday Season). Saint Germain and the Violet Flame assist in this end of the year activation. GIft yourself this time and take this journey to release all stuck dense energy and trapped emotions in any of your four bodies (mental, physical, emotional and energetic/spiritual). This activation is especially centered around clearing childhood memories and inner child wounds related to this time of the year. Memories can be let go of to create space to open yourself to receive the beautiful light of the season and the flow of abundance and magical energies of peace and happiness that abound at this special time of the year. Beth will lead you to a heavenly elevator that rises to the 5th dimension where you will find yourself in a celebratory space designed for you to receive a higher light activation in the company of Saint Germain and the healing Violet Flame, along with Divine Mother, Divine Father, the Divine Feminine Angel and the Divine Masculine Angel. Release all that you are ready to let go of be it feelings of loss, insecurities or feelings of unworthiness. Use this journey and activation to scan your physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and etheric bodies and to release all that no longer resonates or serves you now, all that no longer matches the frequency of full abundance and the light and magnificence of you. You will be gently supported in receiving the Truth of your worthiness and that now is the time for you to live purposefully in harmony with what more there is for you to be, do, have and create in your life. Miracles flow to you as you unfold and become ready to receive this grace and gifts from these Heavenly Beings of Light and Love. You will be left with powerful sense that these Angelic Ones are here for you every day of the year.