Let Go and Flow

Hello my miraculous friends! Can you believe we are already in the 2nd month of 2019?! I trust that you are riding the waves of energy and remembering to breathe through the ups-and-downs. I AM grateful to each and every one of you for being here as we all move...

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Shifts, Changes & New Beginnings

Hello my miraculous friends! This year begins a new 7-year cycle according to numerology principles. 2019 is a 3 year and is all about joy, creativity, communication, emotional sensitivity, self-expression, socializing and doing YOU! The energy of 2019 will be lighter...

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Happy Holy Holidays!

AS this year draws to a close making way for the new, MAY you surrender & release all that no longer serves, MAY you awaken to the beauty that surrounds you always, MAY your heart overflow with the abundance of your blessings, MAY you open to a spirit present to every...

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Happy Solstice!

Happy Solstice! As a collective, together with Mother Earth, we are experiencing major energetic upgrades as we close out 2018, the year of release and surrender. And with tomorrows Cold Full Moon, and the ongoing Ursid meteor shower, (not to mention the intense...

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New Year’s Eve Ritual for You!

As we end 2018, reflect on all the challenges it offered, and, recognize the many opportunities that arose to release and surrender the old, the dense, dark and heavy that no longer serves. Use these last hours of 2018 to surrender, clear and release any emotions...

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The Baby Buddha Boy Rises Again!

Hello my miraculous friends! For those of you who know my story, have visited my website or heard me being interviewed on a show, you have heard of the "Baby Buddha Boy," one of my twin grandson's. This is the fellow who started this journey for me of living life on...

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Time to Step Up For You!

Hello my miraculous friends! Are you having the experience of the energy intensifying and accelerating? To me 2018 began at a nice leisurely almost slow pace and now as we are closing in on the end of the year I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. Lots of ups...

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Are You Connecting to Your Light?

Hello my miraculous friends! How goes it with you? Are you riding the complex October waves of energy or getting wiped out by the chop of these powerful waves? Perhaps as with me, your experience is a bit of both. At this time of year, autumn in the Northern...

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What Stage Are You In?

Hello my Miraculous Friend! I am seeing amazing growth and breakthroughs with the students in my Abundance Master Class and am guided to share the underlying foundation for their forward progression on their path. Underlying all the work they are doing, their path and...

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The Journey Continues

Hello my Miraculous Friend! 2018 has been a challenging year energetically, physically and emotionally. Things are shaking up to create the space for the new up-leveled 5th dimensional frequencies that have been coming in all year and with greater degrees of potency...

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Taming the Monkey Mind

Hello my Miraculous Friend! This weekend I went to see a free outdoor screening of “The Wizard of Oz” courtesy of the fabulous and wondrous Altadena Library. They do many special events and one big one each summer. Last year it was a concert with Souleros, a soulful...

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8-8-2018 and the Lionsgate Portal

Today is a powerful day. In numerology the date adds up to a 9 which is the symbol of wisdom and initiation. In Hindu Astrology, 9 represents the planet Mars. Mars is all about courage, energy, passion as well as anger and fire. In Vedic Astrology, 9 is associated...

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