Supporting you in the process of breaking down to break through!

Archangel Michael, Divine Mother and Father have called me to begin a Monthly Energy Healing Call. Systems are breaking down so that the human race and planet earth can heal. In the 3D reality this process is expressed as chaos, fear, anxiety, illness, poverty, massive power plays, climate change, senseless violence and so on. As difficult as things are, breakdown is break through. The light, energy and frequency of the 5th Dimension is already being downloaded to the earth and those open to receive. Now is the time is for each and every one of us to release and surrender that which no longer serves to create space to open to and receive the light and magnificence of who we are and what we are each here in this life to do.
To support you in this process of breaking down to break through with greater ease and grace, I have accepted the call to host this Monthly Energy Healing Call (MEHC). Your participation in the MEHC will facilitate your experience of opening to these new 5D energies.

What’s involved?
Each call will be held on the first Saturday of the month at 11:00am PDT and will be roughly 60 minutes. There will be a replay available if you are unable to attend live. The subject of each call will be guided by the Divine so that whatever each of you in the MEHC group needs at that time, whatever guidance and support is called for, will be delivered. You can expect to learn some things, receive tools that you can use to support you in the ongoing process of up-leveling your energy and there will always be an energetically infused activation to shift your frequency to open to these new energies.

What’s the investment?
To allow more people to have the experience of this healing work, I have been guided to offer the MEHC for the modest sum of $35 USD per month through the rest of 2020.


If the Monthly Energy Healing Call speaks to you, I invite you to join now…

What People Are Saying About Beth’s Monthly Support Call

“Lovely guided journey into the meadow! It was so carefree and just what my inner child needed. Aaaahhhhh…Thanks for guiding us on another wonderful inner journey!”



“Such a beautiful powerful clearing!”


“I really enjoyed the Healing Call with Beth Herndobler. She guides you through in a very beautiful step-by-step way. I found the call honored me and the way I run energy, exist, be. The descriptions she gave during the meditation helped me to recognize the places in me where I am already doing/using/being these higher energies. This Call supported my confidence in myself for being the way I am and honoring the way I am. Thank you very much Beth.”

“The Monthly Energy Healing Call was so powerful for me. Thank you Beth. You are truly a gift to all of us.”



“I am so glad I participated in this beautiful flowing energy meditation.”



Beth Herndobler, a former trial attorney turned energy healer & Intuitive Life Coach, is a Certified Intuitive Strategist & Divine Channel who communicates with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels & Ancestors for messages & guidance. She combines this guidance with a technique that identifies & clears blocks, stuck points & patterns quickly so you can open to a life lived on purpose with ease & grace.

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