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Sacred 8 Energy Flush

The first step in resetting your neural-pathways to flow at a higher vibrational frequency is to cleanse, clear and release. Archangels Gabriel, Michael & Metatron (the Builder) worked with Beth to create the Sacred 8 Energy Flush, a quick efficient process to flush out what obstructs you from creating space to receive. This Sacred 8 Energy flush is simple, easy, powerful and complete and can be done daily to keep you in flow.

Wisdom of the Ancients

Sacred 8 Energy Flush and Beth Herndobler interview on the Wisdom of the Ancients.

Inner Peace MasterClass Beth Herndobler & Julie Cairnes

In this interview, Beth Horndobler leads us through her powerful life transition from a former Trial Attorney to Divine Channel and Intuitive Strategist, channelling messages from the Archangels. Beth is an absolutely inspirational healer and teacher who brings us a message of remembering your destiny and using all your gifts.

Ascending Into Truth w/ guest Beth Horndobler

Tanja James interviews Beth Horndobler for Ascending Into Truth

Fibonacci Spiral Matrix Activation-New Years Day 2019

Tap into the 2019 New Beginning Energy to Clear what no longer serves and open to what more is possible for you with this energetically infused Activation with the Fibonacci Spiral Matrix.

Earth Healing with Beth & Jeanna Koch

Learn how you can support the healing of Mother Earth physically and energetically with ease and grace as you move through your day. Experience a powerful energetic healing process as well!

AA Michael Msg-Moving Energetic Mountains

Channeled Message from Beth during a Monthly Energy Healing Call

Activation to Clear & Protect Your Space

Energetically infused guided Activation to clear and free your space from dense, low vibrational energy and replace it with a higher frequency that serves your highest interest. Also includes a process to place your space on the divine Grid and inside a Merkaba for protection and maintenance of the higher frequency.

Swirl & Twirl

Energy exercise to shift, maintain and connect with your energetic field

5 Senses

Connect with and ground into your physical body through an easy exercise of bringing your awareness and attention to your 5 senses.

Pranayama Breathing

Tap into and extend your connection to the vital life force found in the breath. Practice easy deep breathing and open to greater self-Awareness. Reduce stress, anxiety, agitation and self-doubt.

Kundalini Chant

Sa Ta Ma Na Chant is a Kundalini Chant used to increase cognitive function, reduce stress and expand our connection with the Universe

Grounding into Central Channel

In this 5 minute video you will learn a technique to ground and connect to the central channel running from the earth to the sky. You will also receive a message from Source as to what is most needed now for you to open to your own gifts.