Beth pictured here with clients Debra Poneman (award-winning keynote speaker, best-selling author, founder & CEO of Yes to Success Seminars, Inc.) and Marci Shimoff (#1 NY Times bestselling author and a celebrated transformational leader). Debra and Marci are also co-founders and co-facilitators of Your Year of Miracles, a virtual mentoring program for women.

Combination IST & Divine Guidance

“For the first time in a long time since my son made his transition, I can say I AM good. Healing, moving forward on my path, becoming really psychic & intuitive and just doing what I am told by my son and my guides. I’m in cruise control these days and flowing! You have helped me so much to even get to this place and I value you, your work and your support greatly. Thank you!  
Live the Life you Love!”

Danielle T

I have had both the IST process and a few readings with Beth. The IST process was powerful and life changing. The Divine readings are always awesome and much fun! I felt much more confident, calm and clear after. The information that came through felt so right and was full of love. I could feel my angels all around me.
Shanti B.

Geneva, Switzerland

I have had the pleasure of experiencing many intuitive sessions led by Beth Herndobler, who is a talented and intuitive practitioner. As a Certified Intuitive Strategist, Beth will take your hand in hers and guide you to the exact point of pain that needs to be acknowledged for emotional release.  Then she will assist you with transforming that problem persona into a loving and supportive part of your soul, followed by a full integration to enable the truth of you to shine.

She is full of information when doing an angel card reading, calling upon the many angels that communicate with her, and providing a lot of needed insight regarding the issue at hand.  She connected me with my Guardian Angel and that was an awesome experience!

Her heart is huge and she is a wonderful example of a vessel of truth.  I highly recommend that you schedule time with Beth to experience the joy and profound peace that follows her sessions for yourself!

Janet LH., Certified Theta Practitioner

Kemah, Texas

Divine Guidance

Beth’s readings are insightful, deep, and communicated with divine love and refreshing humor. She offers clear guidance and concrete steps and tools to further one’s personal spiritual journey.
Rachel I.

Chicago, IL

I had the honor of time well-spent with Beth today. Her gifts and insights, and the messages she relayed were absolutely worth it.  I left our session with clarity, surety, light-heartedness, trust and … proof that we all do have our own ‘secret recipe’ to offer the world, including me!  Thank you, Beth!
Merrin P.

Vancouver, BC

Even as I begin to write this, I feel the warmth around me. Last night, Beth Herndobler was truly my guide to the most spiritual experience. It is even too sacred to put words to at this time. Let me just say that Beth is extremely gifted and we are so blessed to have her among us. If you are on the edge of awakening, take this invitation to step into a quiet space, empty your mind of the chaos of the world and listen. You will be amazed.
Marvie T.

Hitchcock, SD

I have always been attuned with the spiritual side of my being and listened to that small inner voice, that gut feeling or seeing with my third eye. Not until working with Beth did I connect with my Angels…my protectors.  Through the many readings I have done with Beth, I have developed a relationship with my angels, my new friends, and feel them looking out for me and over me.

Every time I get the opportunity and Beth is available I ask her to share her gift with me and there hasn’t been a time yet when her readings have not been on point and true. As they say, she is the real deal.

She always listens and offers good counsel and advice. I am so glad that she has put the work in to be ready to share her gifts with the world and guide so many as she has me. I wish her continued success and expansion…AND SO IT IS !!!

Frederick D.

Chicago, IL

I have never had so much fun in a reading like this. Beth was able to deliver some powerful messages in such a fun and light way!

Most of my questions were about business and my guides and angels interjected some personal information that I needed as well without me asking. We laughed through most of the reading and played together with the angels. I love her approach and her interaction with the Divine.

I will certainly return for more readings. Thank you Beth! You are great!


Sedona, AZ

Oh My! I just had the most wonderful, loving, fun, clarifying session with Beth Herndobler. I have done many sessions with many many well known spiritual teachers. There is a new star. Let me tell you. Beth is something extra. The divine light that flows through her is so strong and amazing. If you feel the calling from your soul – do connect with her. I will do it again for sure.
Anja C.

Stockholm, Sweden

Thank you Beth Herndobler for an amazing experience this morning! She put me in touch with my guardian angel and the Divine, then confirmed my new path as a Life Coach (without knowing I had been thinking of that) in combination with my current career as a Financial Planner! So very excited about the messages that she brought to me!

Marla S.

Hitchcock, SD

Today I had the most amazing session with Beth Herndobler. You know when you have those experiences that leave you in a state of reverential awe – well, this was one of them for me. What a spiritually in tune, beautiful, sensing soul she is. She is the real deal and has “ears to hear.” Everything she shared was spot on and so necessary for my emotional and spiritual growth. I would more than encourage you to book a session as an act of self nurturing. This WILL be good for you! Thank you dearest Beth, for sharing your light and gift so generously!

Meg C.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

If you have considered working with Beth, all I can say is trust your intuition and make the time. When Beth connected with my guardian angel, it overwhelmed me with a sense that I was not alone, and I have someone on the other side who is guiding and helping me. Very powerful session and I still am wrapped in a sense of gratitude!

Carrie T.P.

Tulsa, OK

Thank you Beth Herndobler for the wonderful reading yesterday. I am so grateful you were able to connect me with my guardian angel and teach me how to reach out to her in the future. I am excited to incorporate these techniques into my life. I am feeling very positive about my current path and know the information I received yesterday will help propel me on my journey. Beth – you have a special gift and I am so appreciative of your time and talent.

Margie B.

Morristown, NJ

Integrative Soul Technology Clearing (IST)

I had a miracle! Beth did an IST scan for me yesterday. We cleared out a persona that was a huge drag on me. I am now full of love and compassion. It was a truly amazing experience. I am just floating in lightness! Thanks Beth!

Sara H.

Pittsburg, PA

Energetic Body Blueprint Scan (EBBS)

I am amazed at the Body Blueprint Scan and clearing. During this session I went somewhere else and when I came back I was a transformed man. Powerful process.
Norman B.

Thailand, 2016

I could not maintain my mood and would feel sad, fatigued and borderline hopeless when nothing was truly wrong in the present moment (or things were at least really looking up). An energy healer had told me something was off in my abdomen and I had a serious of issues for which I couldn’t seem to determine the root cause (digestive, emotional, anxiety, etc). After a Body Blueprint scan and clearing with Beth, including removal of a huge energetic hook in my lower abdomen, I immediately felt lighter and at peace. I went home and my boyfriend asked what I had done, as I looked “restored.”

This work is amazing and so is Beth!

N.F. Broom

Pasadena, CA, 2016

Had another amazing session last night with Beth with her EBBS and Clearing ‏…all I can say is WOW! it was an amazing feeling to clear out all of that yuck that was stuck in there. We had quite a few laughs with my inner child Imp too! She made her presence known and laid down a challenge for me too! My Imp is quite the character and Beth brings her through for me so well! I have had readings, Persona clearings and now this. You all need to try Beth’s services!
Tammy G.

Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, 2016