Activation for Healing & Protection


MP3 Audio Activation – 30 mins

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In this roughly 30 minute Activation, you can assist yourself and the collective consciousness in healing from the Corona virus and other low vibratory frequencies by working with newly downloaded Code Disrupting Panels.

Yeshua gifted us this process and these panels to use to protect and heal given the rise of Covid19 as well as any other viruses. The Panels energetically disrupt the moveable energetic patterns encoded within the cellular structure of the Corona virus, as well as all viruses and other harmful dense frequencies such as those from the ever-expanding 5G frequencies. These Code Disrupting Panels scramble the programming of dense harmful frequencies and cells so that they lose the ability to connect with and process the coding that is harmful to all living beings and to Mother Earth.

Using these energized Panels disrupts and deactivates the negative programming thereby neutralizing the power and capacity of these cells and frequencies to harm the physical body’s systems and organs. This Activation will aid you in keeping your immune system high functioning and can be applied to the Earth for her healing as well. In this scrambled state, the virus, and the other negative frequencies, lose their ability to track their own coding and instead become locked in place and neutralized so they cannot attach to the human body, or the earth, and do harm.

Our bodies have a miraculous ability to heal and at our core, each one of us is an energy healer. With this Activation, open to that inner truth, light and power of you as healer. Allow yourself to flow as your own inner healer with this Activation of Healing and Protection/Code Reset Activation.

 Note: No medical claims are made with this Activation. If you are symptomatic, experiencing a fever, dry cough, difficulty breathing or any other signs and symptoms of illness, seek appropriate medical attention. While no guarantees can be made of each individual’s experience and results (your experience in use of this Activation depends upon your willingness to release what doesn’t serve and open to what more is available to you), repeated use of this Activation may help you reset your frequency to flow at the level of abundant health and wholeness.