Activation for Divine Peace in the Siriun Realm




[Teachings and Activation just released from the IAMSol Vault – originally recorded MEHC 9-2018]

This illuminating activation tapping into the frequency of Peace will help you to still your monkey mind and allow you to more easily flow into joy, bliss and harmony. Our global energy has been at times fractured and is challenging for all of us. Let the Divine know that you are ready to receive and to live in a state of peace and flow with love as the foundation of your life.

Beth guides you to Sirius, the realm of love, to join many illumined Divine beings past and present to call in what more is possible for you. This is a formidable gathering of Masters calling to you to create space, to flow and to answer the call to allow Peace, Love and Harmony in your life. You only have to accept the invitation to move forward and shine your light as
powerfully as you were born to do.

Participate in the epic transition from the old 3rd dimension to the new 5th dimensional energies. This is what you are here on Earth to do. Be willing to open and call in what more is possible for you in your life. Connect to your higher self and receive loving and peace-filled majesty and power as these Divine Masters uplevel your energy so you can experience what is in your highest interest and flow into what you are here to be, do, have and create. This truly amazing journey will leave you with a feeling of joy, peace and the continuing support of so many respected and loving Divine beings.

Give yourself this 55 minute experience that will stabilize you, calm your monkey mind and illuminate the truth and light of you in Divine Peace. You can use this activation journey over and over to uplevel your life in all ways and allow you to be of service in Love and Peace.