~ Lyrid Meteor Shower ~ Earth Day Activation in the 9th Dimension


Recorded Activation
57 Minute Audio

Suggested minimum donation: $15



Join me and the Lyrid Meteor Shower ~ Earth Day Angelic Team on April 22nd for this powerful, transformational lightwork on this day when we honor Mother Earth. You can expect to receive the expanded light and photons that will shower us with Lyran energy.

The Lyrans are some of the oldest souls in our galaxy whose knowledge is said to have contributed to Atlantis and Lemuria, as well as to the element of fire. Lyrans are present in several different galaxies and on thousands of planets in dimensions up to the 9th dimension where we will journey in this Activation.

Lyrans are said to have recently transitioned to this higher plane, and are here to support planet Earth in evolving its level of consciousness; Lyrans understand that the consciousness on and of planet Earth affects the whole of the Universe, given that everything is energy and therefore connected.

This is why the Lyrans volunteer to come to our planet. The Lyrid Meteor Shower amplifies these characteristics and lights a path to guide forward on our path to what more is possible for us to be, do, have and create.

This activation will set you up to receive the abundant bounty of the higher vibrational photon light energy, a quantum of electromagnetic energy, from this meteor shower that carries amazing frequencies of light and love. If you are ready to receive higher healing energy for you and for Pachamama, to restore, repair, rejuvenate and flow at higher frequencies with greater ease and grace, then this activation is for YOU! We are in a profound time of transformation in our planetary evolution and are winding up the breakdown, moving into the breakthrough. Tap into this work to open and be of greater service and support in the light