Fibonacci Spiral Reprogramming 2.0 Activation




The Fibonacci Spiral Reprogramming 2.0 Activation connects you to the Quantum Field where you experience the exponential expansion of the Fibonacci Sequence.  Use of this 21 minute energetically infused Activation will assist you in shifting your neural pathways to flow in an expanded layer of abundance and prosperity. The neural pathways that get the most attention through your daily thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and what you are allowing into your mind from the outer world, becomes the default pathway.  This default pathway is then where the mind goes automatically.  It takes effort, attention and work to then move out of the default pathway. If you instead reset the default pathway to flow in the frequency of abundance and prosperity, you will naturally be in this higher vibrational frequency and your daily experience of life will expand with ease and grace. Treat yourself to this expansive experience and know that as with all of my activations, repeated use  enhances the work and the effects (even when sleeping since the energy is embedded).

This latest addition to the Fibonacci Series, Fibonacci Spiral Reprogramming 2.0 Activation MP3, is now available to you for $44 USC.

Note: While no guarantees can be made of each individuals experience and results (your experience in use of this Activation depends upon your willingness to release what doesn’t serve and open to what more is available to you), repeated use of this Activation can help you reset your frequency to flow at the level of abundance.