Activation to Clear and Protect Your Space


21 Minute Audio Activation



In this 20 minute energetically infused guided Activation you will have the experience of clearing, cleansing and freeing your space from dense, low vibrational energy and of then infusing that space with a higher vibrational frequency that serves your highest interest.

In this Activation, Beth also leads you through a process to place your space on the Divine New Consciousness Grid of Grace and inside a Merkaba for protection and maintenance of the higher frequency.

This is a powerful Activation for clearing your space of density whether it’s coming from what is happening within your space, from the dense, anxious, chaotic energy of the collective consciousness or any other low frequencies that have found their way into your space.

This latest addition to Beth’s Activations, is now available to you as an MP3 for $26 USD.

Note: While no guarantees can be made of each individual’s experience and results (your experience in use of this Activation depends upon your willingness to release what doesn’t serve and open to what more is available to you), repeated use of this Activation can help you clear and reset the frequency of your space to flow at an abundant level of the Truth and Light of You.