The Joy in the Light

oday’s Divine Reflection:
Choose to find some joy, peace, love & happiness in this & every moment. Even in the midst of great challenges, it’s there. Be still, follow the breath and feel it flow in, through and as you. ~ Beth Herndobler
Happy New Year again! The Lunar or Chinese New Year of 2020 fell on January 25th and the celebratory festivities will last until February 8th, so that’s about 15 days in total ~ what a way to welcome in a new year! It was celebrated here in the LA area with a marvelous parade this past Saturday. 2020 is a Year of the Rat according to the Chinese zodiac, a year of new beginnings. The Year of the Rat is the first year in the 12-year zodiac cycle. Other “Rat” years include 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996 and 2008. The next time this pesky rodent will be honored will be in 2032. In the Year of the Rat, it is recommended that we keep a flexible and open mind as this will allow your life to flow with ease and grace. Good luck and prosperity may also be yours in your job, career and purpose work. Breathe into what more is being asked of you to open to and receive what more is possible for you.

To add to this propitious New Year, yesterday, 02/02/2020, was a day like no other and we entered into a rare portal of Divine heightened energy. When written out, that date is 02022020, creating a palindrome, where something reads the same forwards as it does backwards – talk about Divine Balance! This particular palindrome is especially rare because it works globally whether you are in the US, where date order is month-date-year, or elsewhere, where date order is day-month-year. The last time that we encountered a palindrome like this was 909 years ago on 11/11/1111 and this propitious rarity doesn’t occur again for another 101 years, so not until 12/12/2121. Such magical mystery to be alive for this rare event.

Accept with great gratitude the blessing the Universe is bestowing upon us with this day of good fortune and the opening of an expansive portal of luck, long-awaited clarity and unexpected blessings. Remember that we are always supported and what more is possible for us, our goals, dreams and visions, are manifesting right now in the ethers. This is a powerful and propitious time to set intentions and to feel more deeply into your connection with the Universe. Trust that all you seek is closer than you may be able to presently envision through your egoic, left brain, mental mind body.

The Universe communicates to us through signs and synchronicity. Number sequences abound and often the Universe gives us numerological guidance when we most need it. Notice the patterns you see on anything from phones and clocks, to receipts, license plates and street signs. By being alert and receptive to the meaning of numbers and number sequences, and discerning what they mean for us individually, we can better receive the Universe’s frequencies and guidance. I recently made a bank deposit of $131 on 1/31 at 1:31pm – doesn’t get much clearer than that!

So what does all this mean with regard to these specific numbers that opened this portal yesterday?  The number 2 has the most feminine energy of all numbers. It vibrates and flows in the frequency of balance, peace, and joy. 2 is highly sensitive, deeply devoted, and incredibly intuitive. It calls us to look within and open to our divine truths. This number calls us to trust completely, to surrender into, our inherent intuitive gifts and Divine power. It also bestows upon those open to receive, greater clarity and insight into our relationships with self and others, as well as the external circumstances of our lives.

February is also filled with cosmic alignments opening us to find harmony within ourselves and without in the outer world. The Universe is showering us with a cascade of the energy of love and happiness to open us to our own truth and light, to our most authentic self. Together with yesterday’s 02/02/2020 energetic and numerological frequencies and portal opening, the frequencies of February are supercharging our ability to come into closer connection with our Higher Selves than ever before. Accept the invitation and surrender to your divinity. Trust in the divine timing of the Universe. We have the power and freewill to choose higher no matter the outer circumstances and challenges. Consider and reflect upon what and where you are energetically plugging into that which does not serve your highest good. And then surrender, release and unplug. We are extraordinary divine beings of light on a grand journey of remembering and awakening. Sometimes it may seem things aren’t happening for us and that is when we must trust the process. Everything we seek to experience is in process and the challenges are present to teach us the lessons that we need to inform us on our journey. Surrender attachment, judgment and expectation. Be flexible and adaptable. When we move through life with empathy, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude, trusting our intuition, we are limitless, boundless divine beings of love, light and service capable of extraordinary things. In this frequency, nothing and no one, not even our lower selves, can block our way forward. Onward!

Peace and richest bessings,