Hello my Miraculous Friend!

I am seeing amazing growth and breakthroughs with the students in my Abundance Master Class and am guided to share the underlying foundation for their forward progression on their path. Underlying all the work they are doing, their path and their growth is directed by “The 4 Stages of Spiritual Awakening” ~ based on the teachings of Rev Michael Bernard Beckwith.

Research has shown that knowing how something works makes your experience of it more potent and powerful. This is because having the knowledge of the inner workings of a process allows you to co-create, to supercharge, the work. So to enhance your awakening, your experience of the ascension process we are all undergoing at whatever speed and whatever level works for you at this time, let’s unpack the 4 stages of Awakening:

Stage 1 To Me

Stage 2 By Me

Stage 3 Through Me

Stage 4 As Me

In Stage 1, you are the victim believing that something “out there” determines your happiness and fulfillment. In this Stage you are disenfranchised and may feel alone as you move through your life.

In Stage 2, you have learned the basics of the principles of manifesting and the law of attraction. You know that you must create a vibrational match to that which you seek in order to have the experience of it. And you are capable of using what you know to make that experience happen. This is a very masculine way of creating.

In Stage 3, you have done such great rich work in Stage 2 that you now believe and know that the Universe is working for your highest good. You believe and know that something wonderful is always trying to happen. You learn to yield to this higher good that the Universe is bringing forth through you and you give over to it. In this 3rd stage, you will even be able to go into the zone and flow with ease and grace. In this Stage you open to the divine channel of truth, love and light that you are and receive rather than work for. This is a much more feminine way of being where you yield to the magnificent order that already exists.

In Stage 4, the line of separation between you and the Universe is dissolved and you feel at one with all. There is no separation ~ there is only oneness with you and the Divine.

This is a road map to your Spiritual Awakening. When you study this map and employ the daily practices necessary to move from one stage to the next, you enhance and expedite your spiritual growth because now you know why as well as what. And if your daily practices need some expansion, I AM here to serve. Reach out and I will gladly share my “Five Daily Practices” with you.

And to support you in moving into a grounded centered state from which to flow, here is a really short guided centering meditation to aid you from one of our Guest Healers in the Abundance Master Class (takes just 90 seconds so no time excuses!) Thank you to my friend and colleague Jeanie Tapp for this guidance.

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Dr. Wrights Astro Aspects


~Dr. Robin Wright studied astrology at the Temple of Kriya Yoga with Goswami Kriyananda in Chicago.

Now that you’ve seen Pluto’s ability to unearth what some have thought safely hidden and buried, know that this Pluto will continue its digging in one form or another into 2024. How this affects an individual, as usual, depends on one’s own chart (consult your local astrologer), but do continue forgiveness work which I hope you have begun, generally through private meditation and prayer. A caution: sit still with the urge to address overtly past grievances, yours or those of others with you; much of this work is better done on the astral or mental/spiritual level and is actually more effective because there is less energetic resistance.

On 10/2 a square between Sun and Moon suggests tension between men and women as well as internally between male/female principles, the effects of which last about two weeks on either side (think of what we are already seeing play out on the political stage in the US regarding this tension). This energy is complicated by a square between Mercury (mind) and Pluto (general disruption of the buried as above) which will impel the unwise and less balanced among us to speak what they ought not. Get two pieces of tape and seal your mouth; if your head can’t hold the thought for a better time, it need not be said. To further complicate the matter, Venus (the planet of love but also excess) in Scorpio (hidden emotion and other lovely secrets ) goes retrograde (backward) from 10/5 until 11/16, opening the way for old loves and connections of all sorts to resurface. What may seem alluring will likely look quite different when Venus turns direct and you remember what was wrong in the first place. Venus does remain in Scorpio until 1/7/2019, extending the attraction of what is mysterious, opaque, somewhat forbidden. Let your Sun center, the 6th chakra, the Third Eye, or wisdom principle, illuminate the object of desire before taking action.

On 10/8 the New Moon in Libra offers a brief two weeks to enhance personal relationships, so use it. Make a gesture. On 10/9 Mercury moves into Scorpio until 10/31 (more on that next time). Scorpio’s intense need for “privacy,” what some might term keeping secrets that are better shared, particularly between intimate partners, conflicts with Mercury’s need to communicate, to be direct. A judicial temperament would be helpful here, but the square (a challenging energy) between Mars and Venus on 10/10 will provoke the vulnerable to speak what they ought not and generally to excess. The ongoing struggle of some with authority intensifies when the Libra Sun squares Pluto 10/12. Ponder the symbology of Libra, balance, but of a mechanical sort, perhaps even at the risk of duplicity which, of course, this Pluto in Capricorn will not tolerate. With a month on either side of the aspect, observe the variety of sparks as those in favor of “balance” struggle with the need for truth, whatever the cost. Because Pluto always signifies the public, expect revelations involving male female conflict, indeed a struggle for supremacy, variously defined. In this “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” (Keats’ “Ode to Autumn”), again meditate on your harvest and be as clear as the mists permit.

Now is the time. This is the place, You are the One. Together as one we can do this

Be well and go gently my friends.

Peace and blessings,