Hello my miraculous friends!

This has been a power packed year of New Beginnings and not at all in the way that I “expected” that to unfold when I first learned 2019 was a year of New Beginnings. The expectation I held was that this year would be all sunshine, roses and unicorns until the Universe revealed deeper layers of release and clearing needed to create the space for the New Beginnings coming in the 7 year cycle 2019 ushers in. Given this expectation, it sort of caught me off guard when the deep clearing and release of last year continued. This is why one of my daily mantras is “I surrender and release all judgment, attachment and expectation.” Just goes to show you that I AM a work in progress as are we all! Once I let go of the expectation and surrendered to the call to go deeper, I began to see all the New Beginnings unfolding around me. I encourage you to do the same ~ they are there despite the tough stuff, losses, pain and challenges if you open to receive.

That said, we are now moving into two of the most powerful celestial events that will happen all year and are sure to bring more shifts and changes. The Summer Solstice is coming on June 21st with its powerful healing frequencies. Thereafter on July 2nd we will experience the magnificent transformational energies of the total Solar Eclipse. With the addition of several other astrological occurrences, (more on that when our Astro Aspects returns), rest assured we are in for some big changes so keep breathing and go gently.

These celestial events and the energy running open the way for each of us to transform both conscious and unconscious energetic blocks and stuck points that have inhibited your opening and ascension into all you are here to be, do, have and create. You have the opportunity to clear and release lingering patterns of fear and survival mode inherited from your lineage and carried in your DNA. Now is the time to release these old paradigms and let your soul soar freely, prosperously and abundantly with ease and grace.

It is time for each of us to learn to put self-care first and to love ourselves unconditionally no matter what we feel we need to forgive, especially when it is ourselves that need forgiving. I spent all morning working through very old things going back to my childhood, that of my adult children and moving all the way up to events with my grandsons yesterday. Took all morning because despite all the healing and releasing and forgiving I have done on all these same issues, still deeper layers of forgiveness and release were called for. And at the same time, nothing to do as all is and will be well. I AM ever so grateful for the Ho’Oponopono forgiveness prayer which eases the way of this work. If you don’t know what that is, email me. I Am delighted to share this powerful ancient wisdom from the Hawaiian Shamans, the Kahunas,

It is also time to heal and integrate your inner-child once for all so that they too may awaken and ascend right along with you. Stand as one with the compassionate healer within each and every one of us and allow that part you share so freely with others to be shared with yourself. Above all, in the next month, allow yourself to open, awaken, flow and shine in the Divine frequencies of peace, love, light, joy, fun, adventure, inspiration and creativity.

To support you in your work to clear and release, I am sharing my recent 2nd appearance on Soul Talk which was all energy work and will aid you in clearing and releasing. At about 6 and a half minutes in, you will find a 17 minute Fibonacci Spiral Clearing and Reset with Divine Mother and the Violet Heartlight Flame of St. Germain.

AS you work to clear and release, do you hear the Monthly Energy Healing Call calling YOU?! The power and expansion of the work we are doing each month is growing and continues to astonish me. This group energy healing work is a powerful, expansive and affordable way to up-level your frequency. If this speaks to you, you can sign up for the MEHC here. The Call is the first Saturday of the month at 11:00am PT. The next call is Saturday, July 6, 2019. There is always a replay if you can’t make the call live and you will still receive the energetics of the work as they are embedded in the replay and sent out to all who are subscribed.

Here is some of what people are saying about their experience with the June MEHC where we worked on releasing our stories and healing our heart with Divine Mother, Archangel Michael, St. Germain, Archangel Gabriel and our ancestors:

Thank you for this powerful and high energy Call today with Divine Mother, Archangel Michael, Gabriel and St. Germain. I had problems with the connection today and switched from computer to phone after a while. I was so very grateful and honored that even when I missed a part of the MEHC my guides, first of all Archangel Michael and Horiat and Ilias, allowed me a shortcut through your meditation so that I could create the purple bubble later than the group did and it worked out excellently. As we released the 3 untrue beliefs a shower of tears washed through me and continued till the end of the Call. It was so refreshing and afterwards I felt much lighter. And as you mentioned that our ancestors are among the Divine Beings on the Call as well, I felt another flush of tears again. It was so Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so grateful that I made it live to the MEHC. Much love, light and blessings to you my dear Beth and thank you for being the channel that you are for us – your Tribe. In deep gratitude with much great love from Germany. ~Michaella Boudreau

I am full of gratitude for this infusion of energy healing today on the MEHC. It couldn’t have come at a better time as my trip to France is coming to a close and I feel blessed and challenged to grow at the same time. Tomorrow morning I start the international flight home. I feel courageous and supported in making this journey. Thank you so much for your support of our healing as we move along our Ascension paths. So grateful that you are a part of my life. Many blessings, light and love. Betsy

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Thanks for being here ~ thanks for being you.

Sending you all much great love, light and peace,