Today’s Divine Reflection:

When you fall into fear, doubt, confusion and the monkey mind chatter rises up, remember the Light is all around you. Tap into it and breathe. The Flow is on the other side of that breath so ease on into it. ~ Beth Herndobler

The past week has been very challenging and the Collective Consciousness is currently vibrating at a very low frequency full of fear, panic even, chaos and the energetic forces of domination, manipulation and control flowing from the 3D human powers that be. Breakdown is break through and the old 3D patriarchal system is breaking down to make way for the higher vibrational 5D reality. Remember to stay out of the M-Field (Energetic Morphogenetic Field) of the Collective Consciousness. You hold the key to the real power. You are a divine sovereign being capable of standing in your own truth and light no matter what is reflected in the outer world. Divine support surrounds you and is everywhere. This Divine support flows through every home and is standing at the ready beside each and every one of us waiting to be called into service. So remember to ask for that divine support. Know that this unfolding pandemic, like all chaos and crises, can serve to ultimately awaken your spirit, shift your priorities, bring us together in everlasting, unbounded compassion, love, light and service to the Divine. Life is still beautiful. And at the soul level, life never ends. So release the fear and trust as with all things, this too shall pass leaving in in its stead an expanded, enhanced self-awareness like we’ve never seen. We are each one of us One With All That Is. Affirm I AM that I AM. All is and will be well.

That said, we are all still human so what to do? Well first listen to your inner guidance, your gut, as to what is in your highest interest in these strange, weird and magnificently wondrous times. For me, one example of that listening is I that intended to send this newsletter last week and then again yesterday. I was guided to wait to let the inundation of information coming to your inbox settle just a bit. And in the meantime, the delay allowed for one of the articles linked to this newsletter to be updated and for the Astro Aspects to be included since over the weekend tech gremlins crashed Dr. Wright’s computer which thankfully is now restored. Listen to the guidance, to your intuitive sense, to your gut. That said, here we are in divine right and perfect timing even though “the plan” was to send earlier. Surrender. Allow. Release. Receive.

Given the fear-mongering occurring in the mainstream commercial media (did you know that only 6 mega-companies globally control what is put out in the mainstream media?) and even at the level of our federal government, we are literally flooded and surrounded with chaos, fear and the Chicken Little energy that the sky is falling. Be mindful of the source, the accuracy and reliability, of where you are getting your information (especially since Google and FB are now blocking certain searches and posts about holistic and alternative ways to protect your immune system – try other search engines to avoid this censorship). Be mindful of your inner mental mind chatter. Acknowledge what comes up that is fearful and stress-based, and then release those low, limiting ideas and emotions. Be mindful that fear takes your brain out of its conscious capacity to engage in critical thinking and analysis, and moves you into fight-flight-freeze mode. After processing and releasing the stress and fear, bring in divine light and love to fill the space you have created in its place.

Remember that the human race has faced, and created, many life threatening situations and dis-eases in the 200,000 years that we have inhabited this planet and this is but one more of those situations. Remember, we are still here and there is a reason and a purpose for that. Protecting yourself emotionally and energetically is equally as important as physically protecting yourself and building up your immune system so rededicate yourself to your daily practice. If you don’t have one and need one, email me and I will send you my Five Daily Practices PDF.

And if you start to move into freak-out mode, try Four Square Breathing – breathe in to the count of four, hold for four, exhale deeply and fully for a count of four, hold the breath for four and then begin again. Four Square Breathing resets the autonomic nervous system and takes you out of fight-flight-freeze. Practice Four Square breathing to calm, soothe and settle your nervous system.

To be sure, these are very challenging times. Fear, stress and Covid19, has come up with every client I’ve worked with and every person I have talked to in the past couple of weeks. I am grateful to be equipped to respond to each and every text, email and session with higher choices. So reach out if support is needed ~ I promise I will get back to you.

I AM also guided to share a most excellent question a client emailed me and the response I gave:
Q: What, if any, type of guidance do you have on dealing with or prepping for the corona virus? I am keeping away from the fear mongering as best I can, as I feel it is no help to anyone. It is getting out of hand! I am trying to be informed without falling into the cesspool of fear. If you can offer anything from our guides on this that would be great! I am sending out as much love and light to our planet as I can. I know this is a stressful time for sure.
A: The way the press and officials are handling this, and their general energy around Covid 19, is part of the patriarchal paradigm’s programming to keep us in fear and therefore stuck in that old paradigm. With fear running rampant, it is our task to stand in our truth, light and love, and hold the space that we are, that all is and will be well. Stay grounded and well hydrated, breathe deeply, mindfully and consciously when in environments where the fear is amped up. MEDITATE MORE so as to stay connected with the true power of Source. Call on Archangels Michael, Rafael and Divine Mother as well as all the Master Healing Angels to protect you and support your immune system to stay high level. Your angels are here to support you so call on them.Remember also to shield your aura with those mirror tiles so the outer fearful energy that so many are tapped into doesn’t enter your field – keep the outer fear outer. Be the compassionate loving presence of peace, confidence, courage, light, love and trust that is you connected with Source and One with All That Is. Radiate that light and frequency out into the world and the ethers ~ let that be what ripples outward from you not more fear, stress and the energy of chaos.YOU GOT THIS!Peace nad richest blessings,Beth