Hello my Miraculous Friend!

2018 has been a challenging year energetically, physically and emotionally. Things are shaking up to create the space for the new up-leveled 5th dimensional frequencies that have been coming in all year and with greater degrees of potency and frequency now. Break down is break through and as uncomfortable as this can feel, it is the way forward. We have seen this happening on the global stage this year and likely you have experienced it in your corner of the world and within yourself ~ I know I have.

For me time has been the greatest example of these shifts in the last little while. Five minutes can seem to take forever to pass and then the next five hours zip by as if no time at all has passed. This is the new energy ~ different, unfamiliar, wonky, powerful, delicious, delightful, spectacular and oh-so-expansive. To tap into and flow these new frequencies requires a solid foundation upon which to stand, to open, awaken and expand. A supportive daily practice is essential to create and maintain this foundation. If you don’t know how to create a daily practice that works for you and supports you to your highest success, contact me and together we can set one up that is in your highest interest.

We are entering the remaining quarter of 2018 and the energy running from September through December is supporting you in opening and receiving what more is possible for you. The energy of August may have shaken you up a bit and for some this energetic shake-up will continue through September with the energy easing as we move into October. See it as the wake-up call that it is bringing up deeper layers of old stuff you may have thought you had cleared, resolved and released but then there it is again. Set aside your frustration and stand as witness observer in neutrality. Recognize that this deeper layer of hidden, lingering “stuff” is asking to be released by reappearing at this time. Fearless honesty and the courage to do the work is being asked of us in the remaining months of 2018. It’s as if these last several years have been a marathon and though you may be weary, depleted even, the finish line is in sight. So whether you run, walk, limp or crawl to that line, resting when you must, get there. We are all being called to shine our light fully now.

Be willing to let go of what doesn’t serve; let go of anger, resistance, jealously and envy, judgment, shame, regret, worry, sadness, fear, overwhelm and all other low dense vibrational feelings and open to the truth and light of you in co-creation with the Divine. Be open to receive what more is possible for you and be willing to fulfill all of your Divine assignments and missions. Be open to receiving and using all of your Divine intuitive gifts with ease and grace.

Doing this requires time in silence and stillness connecting you with your higher self, with your soul, with yourself as one with the Divine. This requires also that you still the monkey mind chatter that speaks the fictional story of loss, limitation, not-gonna-happen, too late for me, not-gonna-get it-right, everything I touch turns to crap and so on. It is essential to your unfolding to be mindful of what tracks are running in your mind and of what you are allowing in. Rearrange and re-frame your thoughts to match the experience you seek to have in your life, work, career, relationships, vocation and passions, financially and in living your life on purpose, Tap into the vast space within you where you are one with the Universe, where peace, love, light and joy flow underneath and beyond the story of the monkey mind chatter and the other crud you are storing and holding onto. Peace, love, light and joy are ever present patiently calling you to enter into and flow this abundant frequency.

True wisdom is to know that you as a human being in the 3D physical, and the idea that in this form you can “make” things happen, are nothing and that love, that vast stream of infinite love and peace where you flow as one with the Universe is everything and is where what you seek is available to you. Orient and direct your mind to flow in this frequency and not in that created by the outer external chaos, challenges and conditions. Holding the frequency of love and peace signals your readiness to receive more. Be open and receptive to all good. This is how to use the energy flowing in this last quarter of 2018. And as always, if you need support, reach out ~ I AM here to serve and support you in your transformation and unfolding.

To support you at this time, try this Kundalini Chant to increase cognitive function, reduce stress and expand your connection with the Universe.

Now is the time. This is the place, You are the One. Together as one we can do this

Be well and go gently my friends.

Peace and blessings,