Hello my miraculous friends!

For those of you who know my story, have visited my website or heard me being interviewed on a show, you have heard of the “Baby Buddha Boy,” one of my twin grandson’s. This is the fellow who started this journey for me of living life on purpose when he told me 7 years ago that there was “treasure in the dirt” and prompted me to slow down and be present in the NOW moment to search for and discover that treasure.

A couple of weeks ago, my little Buddha Boy struck again while he was riding with me in the car (so much magic happens in the car given the humming vibration of the engine!). I saw he was holding his arms out with the palms facing each other about a foot apart. I asked him if he was doing QiGong and he said “No I am imagining how it would feel to hold this much money.” And then he asked how much I thought that would be – my head started buzzing then and now as I moved into the abundance frequency this kid was holding and said, “Depends on how much the bills are. If they were dollars then it would be roughly twelve hundred dollars. If they were ten dollar bills it would be about twelve thousand dollars.”

He narrowed his eyes in deep thought and nodded still holding his air money and asked “what if they were hundred dollar bills?” “Then that would be about a hundred and twenty thousand dollars.” His eyes got really big and he asked “are there thousand dollar bills? I think that’s what I am holding.” And I said “they took those out of circulation in the 1960’s when I was a little girl but the ones that are out there are still good and depending on their condition they are worth more than a thousand dollars each because they are rare.”

The Buddha Boy smiled, nodded and said “that’s what I am holding – thousand dollar bills in good condition. So how much is that without the extra?” At that very moment we got to a red light so I could focus my full attention on him and I said “without the extra, that would be about one million two hundred thousand dollars.” He smiled, still holding his air money and said, ”yup that’s what I am holding.” So I tried it and I was delighted and astonished – the Buddha Boy did it again teaching me that not only is there treasure in the dirt (he was 3 when he taught me that) but that to manifest and flow the frequency of prosperity, you can use your hands to flow and hold the vibration of that which you seek. In his simple little visualization exercise, he was activating the exponential expansion of abundance and financial prosperity right then. Powerful stuff.

I have added this to my daily practice whether I am visualizing holding money, great health, happiness ~ it matters not as this exercise works whatever you visualize you are holding and flowing between your hands. There is tremendous energy flowing from the palms of your hands so tap into it. Take a few moments to become present, centered and still and then try this exercise. It feels delightful.

If financial lack, stress, overwhelm and struggle is your experience, it is time to shift your thinking from how you are struggling financially to how grateful you are to be creating more than enough income each and every month with ease and grace. Though the money hasn’t actually manifested yet, plant the seeds through your words and thoughts. I guarantee that if you make this commitment, and do the work to release and clear what blocks and obstructs you from receiving abundance, and hold this frequency, your income will increase, even though you aren’t working any harder than before.

UPDATE: Told the Buddha Boy over the weekend that he and his energy exercise were being featured in this newsletter. He said, “how old was I when I said that?” I was so surprised and when I said “it was just two weeks ago in the car after I picked you up at school,” he still didn’t remember. I had to run down the whole scenario and what we did to refresh his recollection whereupon he said, “Oh yeah – that. I was just pretending” as he ran off to play. So the lesson additional lesson from the Baby Buddha Boy is to own and honor your light, who you are and what the Universe is bringing forth through you. Remember, know what you know, and hold the space for miraculous manifestation of abundance without writing any aspect of the journey off as “just pretending”!!!!

And as you do this work to surrender and release whatever blocks you having the experience of financial abundance, of abundance in all areas of your life, the Monthly Energy Healing Call is a most excellent and affordable tool to support you. If this group energy healing work, to clear and release, and to up-level your frequency, speaks to you, you can sign up for the Monthly Energy Healing Call here.

Sending you all much great love, light and peace for a magical holiday season..

Peace and richest blessings,