Hello my Amazing Tribe,

Today is the 11~11 Gateway. This Gateway is a portal to a collective, high-vibrational frequency to assist the evolution of consciousness on the Earth. The new Light frequencies enable this 11~11 Gateway to open so that you can return to your original divine blueprint, the truth and light of you, in Oneness with All That Is.

So I thought I would share some inspiration for you to tap into this bountiful, beautiful, propitious 11~11 Gateway. According to Numerology, number 1 is a master number that carries the energy of new beginnings, initiation, creativity that flows to us through new ideas and inspiration. Doubling the Number 1, as in the number 11, exponentially enhances and expands the power of the energy of the number 1. And when you double the double, as on this day, you are supercharging that power.

In addition, we also have a Transit of Mercury today with Mercury passing directly across the Sun and creating a straight line between the Sun, Mercury and the Earth. This alignment and configuration opens a powerful portal on top of the 11~11 Gateway. This auspicious event only occurs thirteen times in a century and creates potent energy to reconnect us with that which has been lurking trapped under the surface so as to raise the lurking crud to the level of our consciousness for examination, reflection, clearing and releasing.  This event together with the ongoing exceptionally powerful Mercury Retrograde (have you noticed how crazy powerful this retrograde has been concerning electronics and driving and so on – can’t tell you how many wonky tech things have happened and in the past 4 days I have seen 6 people turn the wrong way down a one-way street thankfully without incident so be patient and keep breathing!), and the upcoming full Beaver Moon means there’s a deep energetic invitation and opening today from the Universe to clear, release and let go of all of that old crud which truly doesn’t serve you any longer (if it ever did!). Accept this invitation and take advantage of this spectacular energy to return to the truth of you. Know too that these energies and portals also activate our divine feminine and she is calling us to divine love that returns us home to ourselves. Breathe that in.

OK then! So what does that look like to take advantage of these amazing portals and expansive energy? Any ritual of light serves. Connecting with nature. Meditation. For me, in honor of the powerful, expansive invitation of today’s 11:11 Gateway, and all of these other celestial events, I woke up super early and did a long meditation to tap into today’s clearing, releasing energy. Discovered a lot of old crud from my time as a prosecutor and trial lawyer popping up to be let go. Truly surprised me the number of things, events, thoughts, ideas, attachments and behaviors I haven’t thought about in 30 years that I had no idea were lurking anywhere in there underneath in my subconscious. Reflecting upon these things I had done and participated in required that I in turn spend a lot of time forgiving myself with the HO’Oponopono Forgiveness and Reconciliation Prayer ~ I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thanks. I love you.. Powerful releases well worth the momentary discomfort. Afterwards, to uplift and restore, I  did a beautiful Chakra Meditation that my friend Danielle created. I have included this Guided Meditation here for your use. And after all this, I AM flowing and feel so lovely right now. Going to head out shortly for some time in nature with the tress to continue the Gateway journey. I encourage you to do the same!

Chakra Meditation
Know that these energies continue through the rest of 2019 (can you believe there’s only about 6 weeks left to this year – wow!). I remind you that according to numerology, 2019 is the first of a new seven year cycle. This whole year has been about New Beginnings and that has come in the form of releasing and clearing to open to receive boundless abundance and prosperity in 2020. Without creating the space and embracing the peace, light, love, prosperity and abundance that is your true birth rite, you can’t receive what more the Universe has for you. Do the work now to receive the gifts coming in 2020. To support you in this, and with the expansion available through the rest of this year, I AM also enclosing a talk I did a couple of weeks ago at a Gratitude Retreat here in Southern California. There is also a Gratitude Meditation near the end of the talk. Let it serve and support you in stepping more fully into living your life on purpose in the Light that is YOU! You got this!!!!!
Gratitude, Forgiveness & Flow: The Truth and Light of You
As you work to BE PRESENT and open to living your life on purpose with ease and grace, tap in to whether the Monthly Energy Healing Call will serve you. We are in the second year of the MEHC and have built a very powerful M-Field that supports us all to our highest success. In order to allow the power and expansion of the work and our M-Field to continue to deepen and expand, registration for the MEHC has been closed for the rest of this year. Stay tuned for when it will reopen in 2019.

Wherever you are, whatever you are moving through, be sure to embrace change and all it brings up for you with gratitude. To be sure, there are powerful openings on the other side of change and releasing resistance. BE in the present moment with much great gratitude. That’s where your true power is ~ right here, right now, in this moment with gratitude.

Sending you much great love, light, ease, grace and peace,