Hello my Miraculous Friend!

This weekend I went to see a free outdoor screening of “The Wizard of Oz” courtesy of the fabulous and wondrous Altadena Library. They do many special events and one big one each summer. Last year it was a concert with Souleros, a soulful R&B band lead by Andy Vargas Santana’s lead singer. Not only was this band amazing, the energy of the players, of Andy and their originals, was something that is still with me a year later. It was an amazing spiritual experience and I expected nothing less from my beloved library this summer.

I have seen “The Wizard of Oz” dozens of times. When she was a wee one and I a teenager, my little sister proclaimed herself to be “Dorothy Gale a ‘norse’ from Kansas” so we saw this picture over and over and over. And while my sister is neither a “norse,” nor the mother of the 42 babies she said she was going to have, she is in fact an actor who says you can know everything about her from watching this picture! So I decided to attend to see Oz from a different point of view, from that of a Guide to Living Life on Purpose.

There was a lot of rich introspective material available to me that I had never experienced in quite this way. Like Auntie Em being afraid to speak truth to the mean Mrs. Gulch (who would turn into the Wicked Witch) because Em was a God-fearing woman. Or like the Wizard with all the tricks and contraptions he hid behind when really he was quite wise and had a lot to offer if he had only allowed himself to see his own brilliant light. But the aspect of the movie that stood out the most was near the end when the flying Winged Monkeys take center stage. The Winged Monkeys appear as a fierce fighting band doing the bidding of the Wicked Witch of the East that tear the Scarecrow apart, damage the Tin Woodsman and the Cowardly Lion and capture Dorothy and her little dog Toto. They appear to be evil and yet once the Witch is melted, they fall to their knees and in unison say “all hail to Dorothy” as she has unwittingly freed them from their captivity where the Witch ”forced” them to do villainous acts.

I did a bit of research to compare the way the picture presents this scene to how Frank Baum wrote it in the book. I discovered that in the book, when the Winged Monkeys are no longer under the control of the Witch and begin to help Dorothy and her tribe, the king monkey explains their origin to Dorothy: “Once,” began the king, “we were a free people, living happily in the great forest, flying from tree to tree, eating nuts and fruit, and doing just as we pleased without calling anybody master. Perhaps some of us were rather too full of mischief at times, flying down to pull the tails of the animals that had no wings, chasing birds, and throwing nuts at the people who walked in the forest. But we were careless and happy and full of fun, and enjoyed every minute of the day.”

So what happened? Well in my view, the monkey mind chatter took over and they allowed themselves to be subjugated to the less than, not-good-enough, limiting beliefs and in fact surrendered to the persona of the Wicked Witch of the East that caused them to lose their personal power and freedom and ran the program that they were not good enough to be happy, full of fun, enjoying every minute of the day. They bought the lie that they were not smart enough, good enough, strong enough or true enough to exercise their free will to be happy and free and to continue to live their life on purpose (well perhaps minus the mischievous tricks!). So instead they allowed themselves to be taken over and directed to do the evil bidding of the other, the Witch. What does this pattern sound like? A version of what so many of us go through with our own limiting beliefs, patterns and personas. This prompted me to reflect on what the front-line answer or defense is to the Monkey Mind chatter. For anyone who has worked with me, you know there are many tools I offer to check the Monkey Mind and today I wanted to experience a different view of how to tame the Monkey Mind. So here is the result of my request to the Divine to show me a new view, to give me a new tool to tame the Monkey Mind.

I woke early and went outside to my yard to meditate. I sat there quietly bringing my full attention to that now moment. I focused my attention completely on my 5 senses – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. I gazed out at the space between the space between the trees and in patience and by degrees nearly imperceptible, I watched the dark fade and the light ascend and begin to dapple the trees outside my gate. I listened to the birds calling to all to “wake up.” I opened my mouth to taste the dew in the air. I felt the earth beneath my feet and toes. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath knowing that in that brief moment everything was changing. I opened my eyes and observed the light that had risen to shine on the leaves fluttering in the breeze. The new day had dawned fresh and clear of all my yesterdays allowing me to choose higher today. Breathing slowly in the new, I allowed myself to receive the new dawn, and the opportunity it held for me to be all of me. On the exhale, I let go the old limiting beliefs, ideas, patterns and the Monkey Mind chatter (which this morning was telling me I had nothing to say to you in this newsletter!).

In the breath and this moment, there is power. In the breath and this moment, there is you living life on purpose. In the breath and this moment, you have the power to free yourself as Dorothy did once she realized she had the power all along to return home to herself. You too have the power to tame the Monkey Mind chatter simply by consciously choosing with the breath not to allow it to run you. You like Dorothy only have to choose to exercise your power. Choose higher. Choose to be in this moment letting go of the past (it’s done) and not anticipating the future (it hasn’t happened yet and you don’t really know how it is all going to turn out until you get there). Choose to shine the light you already are, to speak your truth and to feel and exercise the true power that you hold. Choose to live your life on purpose.

A Channeled Message On Tuning In To Your 5 Senses

(And by the way, how about that beautiful orb in the picture of the movie above! I didn’t see it when I took it only later when contemplating the experience – way cool!) If you need some help in dealing effectively with the Monkey Mind and the personas, I AM here and you know where to find me.

And so my friend, until we meet again, feel the power that you are and don’t let the Monkey Mind take over!

To miracles, love and light,