Today’s Divine Reflection:Systems have to break down for growth to happen. Celebrate the breakdown and welcome the fear it brings up ~ everything you ever wanted is on the other side of that fear.
~Beth Herndobler
The strange and wondrous times of intense challenge to all the 3D systems and patriarchal structures of old, this time of break down, continues. Right now we are experiencing a double pandemic – that of the COVID19 virus and the accompanying racial and economic injustices that have seen poor people of color suffering from this virus at rates exponentially higher than the rest of the American population. At the same time, we bear witness to police shooting unarmed black folk dead in the street, in their homes, while sleeping in their beds and then we watched the intentional murder of George Floyd as 3 police officers brought the full weight of their collective might down on his neck and body until he could no longer breathe and died in front of us all. And another stood by to keep the bystanders from interfering as they too yelled “he can’t breathe.”

All of this affects me deeply and personally even though I am a white woman. My heart is heavy, as are the hearts of so many, mine especially so because my children are bi-racial as are many of my family members. I come from a very racially mixed family – black, white, brown and Asian. And, my biracial stepbrother was shot by the police in his home as he dressed for work 31 years ago – they had the wrong house. He died on the table 3 times during a 13 hour surgery and has spent every day since trying to move through the physical and emotional scars this “encounter” with the police reigned down upon him. I was pregnant at the time and because I was a lawyer (then a prosecutor), I was called to go to the hospital in the middle of the night to stop the police from taking a “statement” from my nearly dead brother because they had charged him with the attempt murder of a police officer in order to cover up their own attempt murder of my brother. They sought to get this false confession (they wrote it – he couldn’t speak) so as to support that bogus charge.

It took a few years and tens of thousands of dollars for him to be free of the threat of jail on top of the tangible injuries he suffered. I will never forget his attorney asking me to talk to him about the State’s offer of probation if he were to plead guilty. Not because his attorney thought he was guilty but because even he, a white man, knew the risk to a black man charged with the attempt murder of a police officer going to trial ~ in our “justice system” going to trial meant the odds were against him no matter his right and their wrong. My brother said, “I will not plead guilty to something I did not do and if that means I go to jail so be it”…still makes me cry.

I gave birth to my daughter Nicole two days later as I was actually in early labor at the hospital. While I battled the police who were “guarding” my brother, their prisoner, I kept rubbing my belly saying “not yet baby not yet.” Later, when Nicole was 4 and out playing in the front yard, she ran in the house screaming the “cobs are coming” – took me a minute to understand she was trying to say “cops” and was afraid of the police who had driven down our block, no sirens, nothing happened, just the sight of the police terrified her. Took me many more years to understand that this was the result of the trauma she suffered in those last days of what should have been a cozy safe womb. This is what ancestral trauma looks like. This is what gets imprinted in our DNA when we are traumatized. This is why I do the work I do now.

From this one incident in the womb, my child (not to mention my brother) was deeply traumatized. So imagine the depth of the trauma, pain, despair and frustration of African- Americans and all people of color who face institutionalized racism in all its permutations every day. I have born witness to it firsthand and have seen the impact it has had on my brother, on his family and our BIPOC family. (If you don’t know what that means, time to educate yourself. Google search of just those initials will show you that the term BIPOC stands for ‘Black, Indigenous, People of Color,’ and that it is meant to unite all people of color in the work for liberation while intentionally acknowledging that not all people of color face the same levels of injustice).

The rage at this overt demonstration of institutionalized racism with the racist murder of George Floyd broadcast in living color for all to see, and all the underlying social and economic injustice, is what we are seeing acted out and expressed in the streets all across America. All over the globe in fact. This rage didn’t begin with this recent murder but extends back 401 years, all the way back to the founding of this country in 1619 on the backs of African slaves and the genocide of Native Americans. There is much to be angry about for all that has happened to BIPOC people in this country over the last 401 years. We should all feel the anger born of this country’s foundation, the history of racism and the injustice of our socio-economic, healthcare and justice systems. In the end this is not a black or white issue ~ it’s a human rights issue. We can’t fix what we will not face. We can’t heal what we aren’t willing to hear or to bear witness to.

People are angry. I am angry as I am sure you are too. We must not bypass the anger and sadness and guilt and shame. It is not spiritual to deny our feelings. A spiritual bypass does not serve. Rather embrace the feelings, and then surrender, transmute and transcend. I encourage you to embrace your anger, your sadness and whatever all you are feeling and use it for transformation. This is what needs to be the focus of your spiritual practice at this time. If we are truly to welcome and embody the new higher 5th dimensional energies that are already infused into Mother Earth, we must all openly acknowledge this pain, anger and trauma. We must surrender any and all resistance to it. That the new higher dimensional energies are already in the earth is part of the prompting of all of this break down – that which doesn’t align with the new frequencies cannot stand and that includes each one of us. Part of what we must do to flow with these new frequencies is to acknowledge the racism and injustice that is the underpinning of all systems in this country, especially the white people for it was our white ancestors that created these systems and structures. Listen. See. Acknowledge and consider, how can I help make this better? How can I be of service? And then do that with love and compassion and gratitude for the opportunity to be part of the change we all need.This is the work.

To get from here to there takes ALL OF US being willing to do the work. Be willing to be allied with this movement to breakdown these old patriarchal systems, to have a stake in this conversation about the rage and racism. Do the work to transmute this rage and shame to peace and love and a world that works for all. Each and every one of us must be willing to say NO MORE to the systemic racism and social injustice that has been a pandemic in this country, and across the planet, since the revolution that created these “united states of America.” United we are not. United we must be.

Another aspect of the work needed is to clear your ancestral lineage of the pain and trauma of these systems no matter what side your ancestors were on, no matter what the color of your skin. Align yourself to the right side of the present battle, that of breaking down the racist, economically and socially unjust systems and old-outdated patriarchal institutions of this country. To do this, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, urged, “You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” Choose higher my magnificent Tribe. And reach out if you need support. I AM as always here for you.

Much great love,