Hello my miraculous friends!

This year begins a new 7-year cycle according to numerology principles. 2019 is a 3 year and is all about joy, creativity, communication, emotional sensitivity, self-expression, socializing and doing YOU! The energy of 2019 will be lighter than we have had for quite some time so open your sacral chakra to flow more fun, freedom, passion and creativity. Your “homework” in this year is to be lighter, more free-spirited and to bring more joy and play into everything ~ your work, relationships, financial dealings, your health and well-being. For most of us, 2018 and the 7 year cycle it concluded that began in 2011, was quite challenging as we were confronted with and moved through clearing and releasing blocks, stuck-points and density on many levels that kept us from fully shining our light and receiving what more is possible for us. You likely found you had outgrown some relationships. You may have found some friendships that used to serve were no longer of interest to you or in alignment with your essence. So too your work and career path may have shifted as you lost interest in what formerly served. If you pushed down these promptings in 2018 and held on to the old, there may be big shifts looming for you in 2019 so be ready. It is time to free yourself from the old paradigms, patterns, ideas and beliefs and align with the new beginning energy of 2019 and the new 7-year cycle it ushers in.

When we look back, most of us will see that 2019 was a pivotal year. Reflect back now on the chaos that was 2018 (think politics, corporate greed, the environment, financial imbalance and the like). And then let it go and open to the energy and frequency of this 3 year that calls in clear communication especially with yourself), flowing from the heart and a higher vision for our lives and all living beings. Communication is a key expression of 2019 as it activates the throat chakra, so look for an outpouring of even more people speaking up and global movements strengthening and gaining momentum.

If you experienced the gift of a spotlight shining on your problems and issues in 2018, yet you didn’t take action to clear, release and shift, get ready; 2019 is going to seriously light you up! We are going to be playing on a new, higher vibrational field of mastery, new growth and energy in action. For those who have been working so hard to open, this is the year you will begin to reap the rewards for your efforts. 2019 is the year we will begin to flow more happiness, joy, abundance, balance, harmony and freedom with ease and grace. Rest easy ~ your Celestial Team is here to support you in these shifts and openings into the full truth and light of you.

2019 promises to be a miraculous spectacular life-changing (for the better!) year for those opening to and receiving these fresh new beginning energies. Remember to choose higher and allow your Higher Self and your heart to lead the way. Trust and surrender.

To support you in this process I offer you 4 Shamanic Principles for a Joyful Happy Prosperous Life to supercharge you opening to these new energies:

Singing. Dancing. Sharing Life Stories. Silence and Stillness.

A little bit of each of these practices daily makes a huge difference in what you experience.

And as a reminder to those of you who are not yet tapped into the power and energy of the Monthly Energy Healing Call (MEHC), consider this group energy healing work, to clear and release, and to up-level your frequency. If this speaks to you, you can sign up for the MEHCl here. The Call is the first Saturday of the month at 11:00am PT.

Here is what people are saying about the Monthly Energy Healing Calls:

Thank you for this Violet Flame MEHC that is very timely and powerful. I did have previous knowledge and experience with the Violet Flame but honestly your delivery was something else, REALLY!!! I could feel some tingling, some healing and soothing happening, just by itself, totally effortless… and then later in the afternoon (that’s where it got REALLY timely!!) as I was doing other clearing work, we went so deep and it was really heavy, deep healing for myself and for all (archetypal – to the root of the choice of suffering). When my clearing partner guided me to release, the Violet Flame just showed up spontaneously and it was exactly perfect at the moment, for myself and for the collective. I so appreciate the MEHC and your work. And grateful to be able to trust you. –Sophie B

Just got through my first MEHC ~ WOW! This work is amazing!!!! I have chills all over my body, I feel an opening to focusing on my spiritual self and can feel I will manifest great things this month with this MEHC and the help of my guides and angels ~ and of course with your guidance my dear Beth. I am so grateful for you and the MEHC! ~ MS

Thank you for this wonderful MEHC yesterday. I released already many tears on the Call. And I was led to go up high into the 8th dimension. The higher we went, the more tears were running down my cheeks. I felt such a huge shift and opening to live my vision and fulfill my purpose. Love and blessings to you my dear Beth and thank you for shining your bright light for us in the Tribe, globally and for the planet earth. ~ Michaella B

The MEHC is such a powerful experience. Beth is a divine channel for tremendous healing and restoration. ~ Asabi Carroll

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Sending you all much great love, light and peace,