Hello my miraculous friends!

Spring is upon us here in the northern hemisphere bringing with it an energetic shift from dormancy to growth and expansion. March for most, wherever you are, was energetically quite challenging, perhaps even overwhelming, where at times you felt you couldn’t feel, process or experience not one more thing. That’s certainly how I felt most of March. If this was true for you, it is essential for you to stay balanced and open to receiving grace light as the new more inspired creative energies of April flow in as these energies are intense though in a very different way. This means take greater self-care, less judgment, more compassion and extend more kindness to yourself. Saying no to others, and to opportunities that come your way, may be the best thing you can do to support yourself at this time. Acknowledge any resistance or stuck feelings without judgment and ask if you are resisting moving forward or being asked to release, purge and grow. Be mindful not to check out, turn off or distract yourself from these feelings. Be present and know you are not alone ~ many others are feeling just the same. Know that this energetic intensity will pass so allow it and receive whatever lesson is there for you. Reach out for support when needed – I am here for you. That’s balance and grace.

Stay present and grounded in the light of you. Be available when it serves and doesn’t diminish you, to extend this same compassion and kindness to others, even strangers as they too are likely having a reaction to the huge amount of life-force energy, over-stimulation even, moving through the earth. They may be experiencing this energy as fear or anger so stay grounded and shield your energetic field so you don’t take any of this on. What does this look like when you move out of alignment and take on the energy of fear, anger and overwhelm? For me, when I am present to myself, balanced and flowing grace, I can tell for example when I am out and planned to do more, that it is better for me to go straight home instead. When I am out of alignment and checked out, instead I push forward with my to-do list and negatively react to a customer service rep and then continue with my errands and receive that same negative reaction times 10 from a stranger on the street who doesn’t like the way I parked. Better to go home than attract an experience that isn’t in your highest interest. It took me hours to reboot, clear and return to a balanced state of grace and flow the day I pushed forward and dropped into a low, dense, negative frequency – not a very efficient way of getting things done if I do say so myself!

This new energy is asking us to grow, to open and up-level just as the plants, trees and flowers are doing. Recognize and honor the work you have done, the breakthroughs you’ve had and the growth that you are experiencing. Be mindful of the egoic mental mind and personas that in an effort to protect you may generate fear when you feel bold and strong about starting something new or going in a different direction. Acknowledge the fear and old patterns. Send love and compassion to them and consider whether it is time to let them go. I can assure you, this fear and judgment in the face of you stepping forward into your purpose is normal and will dissipate if you acknowledge it, extend gratitude for its effort to protect you and then clear and release it.

Standing in a state of balance, neutrality and grace is the best way to allow the fear to move out and growth, joy and harmony to move in. This opens the way for the expansive creative energy moving in this April to lift you. Choose higher. Consciously choose to let go of the fear, overwhelm and “misery” ~ these stories, ideas, patterns and limiting beliefs are not the truth and light of you so let them go. Activate and hold the vision of your life lived full-out and on purpose to attract and manifest that energetic frequency. Standing in this expanded state of awareness, balance, grace and neutrality allows us to shift the foundation of our reality so that the Universe and the angelic realm can support you as you open and flow into what more is possible for you with ease and grace.

Flowing favorably with the April energy requires that you do your part. This means you need a dedicated daily practice that includes being more compassionate and loving with our mind and ourselves. Include in that daily practice visualizing the experience of that which you seek. Conscious mindful manifesting starts right here, right now, in the present moment. Be here now for in this now moment you are able to access your super powers (yes you have them!) and create a joyful, fulfilling, purposeful life of ease and grace.

If you have a daily practice, GO YOU! If you don’t have a daily practice, GO YOU and get one! Either way, here are a few things that will create a robust daily practice that will serve you in living the life you came here to experience:

  • Be present and aware through the breath and take time each day to acknowledge the sensory experience available to you through your sense of sight, touch, taste, feeling and hearing.
  • Honor, allow and be grateful for all of your feelings and emotions. Be grateful for everything.
  • Meditate. Meditate. Meditate. Do it enough and you will experience the best high you ever had!
  • Spend time in nature and when possible ground by placing your bare feet on the earth.
  • Eat well, drink clean water and move your body. Yoga and a peaceful walk in nature are excellent ways to move.
  • Let go of the to-do list and the egoic mental mind urging as to what you “should” be doing and spend time alone in stillness and silence. This is where you move into a balanced state of grace and neutrality. Here you can connect with the Universe and experience yourself as the Divine Being that you are. Step outside and hear, feel and experience the birdsong, the breeze, the sun, the scent of all that is blooming. Quieting the mind in this way allows the Universe to get through to give you insight and messages. Let the heart lead and the mind serve
  • Laugh. Dance. Listen to music. Experience art. Watch movies that inspire you and give you A-Ha moments. In general, lighten up – when you open to the light, you open the door to what more is wanting to come forth through you.

To help you on your way, here is the replay of my recent show with Cari Murphy. Oh what fun we had! And if you have already heard the interview, fast forward to about 1 hour and 2 minutes in, and you can experience the new up-leveled Sacred 8 Energy Flush 2.0 to help you cleanse, clear, release and flow with the powerful creative energies of April.

For additional support (and a list of movies that will inspire, awaken and deliver personal messages to you – this was the MEHC Tribes homework from the Universe this month – to watch movies LOL!) consider becoming a part of this Tribe. This group energy healing work is a powerful, expansive and affordable way to up-level your frequency. If this speaks to you, you can sign up for the MEHC here. The Call is the first Saturday of the month at 11:00am PT. The next call is Saturday, May 4, 2019. There is always a replay if you can’t make the call live and you will still receive the energetics of the work as they are embedded in the replay and sent out to all who are subscribed. On occasion, after the work is done, we stay on the line for a spontaneous Q & A where the Tribe gets to ask for guidance and serve and support each other. We did that after our April call and the additional healing that occurred for the group that remained on the line (and me!) was spectacular! I was flying high all day!!!

Here is some of what people are saying about their experience with the MEHC where we worked with the heart and crown chakras to cleanse, clear and open to receive these new energies:

Todays MEHC brought me to tears again, so there was still something to let go of when receiving the 4 heart energy lights from the 4 Archangels. And did you notice, that our Soulsister from Australia had already a slightly higher shift in her voice after we extended our love and blessings to each other in the Q & A after the call? I noticed it when she talked after our Inner-Outer Circle. I trust she will break through now with more ease and grace and will be patient and take good care of herself. ~MB

It has been 30 minutes Since the MEHC and I AM still tingling and buzzing all over my body. I absolutely loved this profound energy healing! This healing has been supercharged with some other things that have been divinely added to my life recently. I AM so grateful for this call. Everything happens in perfect timing. I plan on listening to the recording of this call daily. It will be part of my habit stack. Thank you again, Beth. I AM so filled with gratitude. With all my new amazing energy, love and light, PHH

WOW… full body chills several time and I felt some pain and or pressure in my pineal area and it released. Loved feeling “loved on” by the Divine Feminine Beings. I went out and lost you for a bit after that. I really needed that mothering so wallowed in the cloud bed a bit longer! You my friend are talented and gifted, at the Master level of balancing those diverse yet complimentary energies. I am so proud and grateful to be on your team. Thank you my fabulous partner! ~ JLH

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Thanks for being here ~ thanks for being you.

Sending you all much great love, light and peace,