Hello my glorious Tribe!

Today would have been my father’s 85th birthday. In the days and weeks preceding this day, the first where my father isn’t physically present on the day of his arrival in this life, I have found myself craving more time in stillness and contemplation. At the same time, I have also craved more time, engagement and connection with the lighter, creative inspired side of life. I have especially craved music, the love of which my father and I shared right up to the end of his time here in the physical. Throughout July and into August, I have and will be at more concerts and movies than my concert-movie going self ever has experienced in a 2 month period. In just the past week I have seen 3 documentaries about music and musicians and been to 3 concerts all of which have inspired, opened and advanced my connection to myself, my father and all of life immeasurably. [Do see the Swedish made documentary about American Jazz music “Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes” – whether you are a jazz fan or not this film is full of high vibrational energy and profound insights like “I don’t know where I will begin or where I will end up so I have to stay open and present”  and “don’t judge the notes just allow them.”  Interesting to note, the Swedish director, Sophie Huber, could only get funding for this project in her native country and elsewhere in Europe – things that make you go hmmmm…) And last but not least, a spontaneous free pop-up Sound-bath that was out of this world!

This is my way of moving through this first of many yet to come special days since my father crossed over. For those of you moving through the loss of a loved-one, take as much time as you need and do it your way – no one else can do it for you or tell you how to do it (though do take in the options offered by the way others grieve and heal ~ just might help)..

All of this, and that we are now in the last month of summer, has also prompted me to reflect upon my experience of this summer’s energy which has been quite intense, wavy and expansive all at once. How have you fared with the intense energy of extremes that was July? In all my 61 years of life in this incarnation, I don’t believe I have personally experienced more intense astrological and energetic aspects. It has been quite an intense state of push-and-pull (think of my desire for solitude and engagement with others all in the same day), of restrictive opposition juxtaposed nearly simultaneously with exponential expansion.  So if you were thinking it was just you my friends rest assured you are not alone – it has been a most intense, choppy, slightly confusing time. First time I have experienced an up-leveling of my vibration in such an uncomfortable, almost unstable, all-over-the-place way. And yet, here I am, grateful to be up-leveled!

Things will be coming in fast for this last quarter of the year and yet the energy of August is likely to feel calmer for most especially for those willing to deepen their daily spiritual practice and self-care. Many ideas, inspirations, visions and signs will pop up. Given the high ascension energies flowing in, be sure to take time to ground in, connect with your heart and then discern which of these are presenting as an invitation for you to open further, to recognize where you need to release and surrender and to receive the opening, and which, if any, are showing up for you to take action upon. Similar to the expanded ideas you get when you are high whether high on life, a spiritual high (the best kind in my book!) a road high from a long distance road trip, or even a chemically induced high from drugs or alcohol (to be sure, substance induced highs truly are not the best way so if is your choice of late consider making a higher choice!).

Always take time to become present and connect with your heart, with the Divine Feminine, before taking any action. Many times ideas we have about what we can do or create are actually energetics at work, inviting us to open and expand our perspective of ourselves, our life and the world at large. Accepting this invitation will indeed have results in your life, in your career, in your purpose work but it won’t be from 3D action steps, it will come from surrendering, allowing and receiving.

We are moving into a far more non-linear way of thinking, being and expressing. We likely will never achieve full-out non-linear living and thinking 100% of the time given that we are in physical form. Nevertheless, as these higher dimensional, higher vibrational energies are received on the planet, and in all living beings, we must stand as witness observer to the left brain old way of pushing for action on every little thing, pushing to make things happen and allow the right brain, the Divine Feminine to show us this new energetic experience, this new way of being, a new awareness of being and flowing.  As you receive these new energies and these new ideas, inspirations and visions, do take time to discern what they are presenting to you, to receive the Divine invitation, before taking any action – and by all means receive them without judgment, attachment and expectation.

Allow the energy of this August to inspire you to take stock of your life, where you are now, where you are choosing to go and what experience of the future you are choosing to have. Use those inspirations, ideas and visions to inspire you to review your life, the world and your place in it and what greater divine missions you have yet to fulfill. The entire planet is being invited to take a new look at life, how we are living, our impact on each other and the planet and our very consciousness.  As you integrate these higher-dimensional energies, you will gain greater access to your higher consciousness, your higher self. That high feeling that accompanies many of the inspirations, visions, A-Ha moments and epiphanies is delicious and enticing and yet much of this is part of the clearing and releasing process that creates space for the upgrading. This is why we are called to deepen our daily practice. Stay present, centered, grounded and in neutrality and you will be able to discern where to take action so that you won’t waste energy and time moving towards something or taking action upon that which isn’t actually yours to do. You’ll know when you’ve taken action that you aren’t actually meant to take because life will show you. When you act from a left brain motivation, you will often find things don’t work out too well. Or it will seem initially like it is working and then BOOM it all gets derailed. If you take the time to stand as witness observer and discern what is yours to receive and what is yours to take action upon, all will flow with greater ease and grace. Think of the old expression “haste makes waste” and let that be your guide this month and in all of life.

As 3D human beings we tend to learn experientially. Society and our culture reinforces this “gotta learn the hard way” paradigm. We are now being invited to release this pattern, to break down this paradigm, to get the lessons in the challenging experiences once and for all so that we can move into a new level of awakening that is integrated into all of our bodies (mental, physical, emotional and energetic, spiritual or etheric). Be compassionate towards yourself as you embody this awakening ascension process and allow yourself to see how far you have already come. This is why the witness observer process is so very important as it allows us to see ourselves from a different vantage point. As a friend once said, there are many different views of the canyon so allow yourself to see yourself from a higher vantage point. And as you take this different look, do so with love, always love.

When you notice yourself worrying or ruminating on whether you’re getting it right, or up-leveling enough, reframe and shift your perspective to instead focus on all that you are most certainly getting right – even that you are here, that you are reading this, is an example of just how right you are getting it so keep your focus on that. Everything is energy and like attracts like so extend great gratitude to yourself for all you are doing and receiving, for all the higher choices you are making and more of that is what you will attract, manifest and receive. Honor that you are right here, right now. Honor that you showed up.
Allow yourself to deepen your connection with your inner self and receive with gratitude the lower stuff or the shadow-side of ourselves – these energies we are in are moving all that to the surface to be reviewed and released. So recognize, be grateful for and then let go of that shadow-side. Let go of your deepest fears and feelings of inadequacy. The letting go is a natural part of our awakening and ascension. And remember it all begins with loving yourself, forgiving yourself and committing to taking bold, strong, fierce even, care of yourself. Slow down enough to be present – that’s where the juice is, that’s where the real lasting epiphanies are and that’s where you will find great peace with all of this – in the now moment.

To be sure, allow these new highs to flow in, through and as you however the experience of that is for you as it will be different for each of us.  You may feel peace or extraordinary clarity. You might feel connected to everything and everyone and see signs of that connection everywhere. You might feel renewed, expanded love for those who it has previously been hard to love. Or not. Each one of us will experience this new high in our own unique way so allow. One thing is for sure, more and more of us are seeing the synchronicities the Universe puts before us. More and more of us are allowing our own intuitive gifts to flow. There is an undeniable shift, a force of higher vibrational energy moving through our planet and all living beings so STAY OPEN.

For those of you having the experience of some crisis or trauma, of painful loss, know that you are not alone nor are the multitude of folks are all around the planet that are experiencing the same pain, trauma and crisis. It does seem that there are more people in emotional, physical and financial need now than ever before. Know that these challenges present as the opportunity for people to address the shadow side of themselves and their place in the world so they can awaken and cultivate greater consciousness. For most of us 3D human beings to learn and to open, we require a pressured, intense situation. Accept that this pressure is but a part of our conscious opening and be grateful. Always be grateful.

Along the way find self-care in even the smallest of everyday things. Stretch while doing your chores if you can’t make it to yoga. Take quiet moments and some deep breaths throughout your day to reset and return to yourself. Keep a gratitude journal. Notice the blessings and miracles in each moment and note those in your journal. Drink clean energized water. Eat nutrient rich clean food. Move throughout the day and endeavor to connect with nature. Get enough rest. Give yourself what you need especially love and compassion. Self-care is not a luxury – your light is needed to heal the planet and you can’t shine when your batteries are depleted. And if you are dedicated and committed to a strong self-care practice, take it to the next level and begin to share what works for you with others. Many people are locked into the old paradigm that self-care is a luxury, that “I don’t have time for myself” and “thinking of myself first is selfish.” Always remember the emergency instructions on a plane to put your oxygen mask on first. Committing to self-care, up-leveling your self-care, will also open you to receive what more is possible for you and to embody at deeper levels your own unique artistry, creativity and how you are here to be of service.  We are all going through this for the first time so be patient with yourselves and each other. Be Love. Trust. Open.

Thank you my beloved for being here ~ thanks for being you.

Sending you much great love, light, ease, grace and peace,