Spring Equinox Light Activation in the Pleiades


MP3 Audio Activation
56 Minutes
Instant Download

Suggested minimum donation: $11



The Spring Equinox is a joyful holiday celebrating rebirth, growth, new light and awakening. It marks the Spring awakening when the Earth comes out of her winter hibernation, spreads her energetic arms and begins to grow, open and blossom with exponentially expansive energy. I have been guided to do this Activation with you on that day to uplevel you with these same higher dimensional, higher vibrational, exponentially expensive evolutionary energies ~ this truly is a momentous transformational time for awakening to the higher realm light and love available in the Pleiades.

Great Spirit, Sanat Kumara, Divine Mother and Archangel Michael we support us and lift us into the higher realms of light and love in this Activation. Join me and the Spring Equinox Team March 20th for this powerful, transformational lightwork on this day when the light is perfectly balanced in harmony with the dark equally all around the planet ~ the energy of the Spring Equinox is perfect for this upleveling work!

This will set you up to receive the abundant bounty of the higher vibrational energetic frequencies of the light and love bursting forth on the Equinox so that you can flow higher with greater ease and grace through the rest of 2021. Given the importance and significance of this transformational time in our planetary evolution where we are winding up the breakdown and moving into the breakthrough, tap into this work to open and be of greater service and support in the light. I am offering this as a pay-what-you-can event (suggested minimum donation is $11.00 usd). There will be a replay for repeated use to deepen the work and for those unable to join live.