Sacred Energetic Bonfire and Release




On the sacred grounds of this energetic bonfire, the Activation will create space for all that is coming in 2020. From the numerological perspective, 2019 was the first year of a new 7 year cycle. As we near the end of this year of new beginnings, it is ours to clear away everything that is ready to be released and all that is no longer serving. Things old and new bubble up to the surface to get our attention including old connections and relationships that pop up not to begin again but for you to know what you know. With our Sacred Energetic Bonfire and Release Activation, we visualize, see and feel ourselves being called forward as we release physical, mental and financial limitations and relationships and any and all relationships, family patterns and obstacles to our purpose work. With the primary guidance and facilitation of Archangel Michael, gather with your ancestors, your lineage and all living beings willing to let something go today as you toss it all into the bonfire and move forward into what more is possible for you. 

Originally Recorded live Nov 2019 Monthly Energy Healing Call