Fibonacci Palace of Abundance Activation


Includes MP3 audio file


This is the 3rd Activation in the Fibonacci Trilogy. In this 25 minute Activation infused with both crystalline energy and the Fibonacci Sequence, experience a physical infusion of these powerful frequencies as you travel the golden grace-light path to the Palace of Abundance where you connect with Divine Mother, Archangels Michael and Gabriel and take your seat on your golden throne of abundance.
Your Wise-One Team will activate your heart light and a crystalline pyramid structure, a merkaba of abundance is created for your up-leveling into the frequency of abundance. Given the creation of your own merkaba of abundance and the supercharged energy flowing in this activation makes this one of the most powerful activations in the Fibonacci Series.
Repeated use of this Activation (and especially when used in conjunction with the 1st and 2d Activations in the Fibonacci Trilogy), you can expect to have exponential expansion of your ability to flow in the frequency of abundance and prosperity with ease and grace.