~ Full Moon Eclipse ~ Goodwill Festival of Humanity in the Quantum


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~ May is a mystic month and the time is upon us for another powerful LIVE EVENT Activation On May 26, 2021, at noon pacific time, we will play in these powerful frequencies as we celebrate the Third Full Moon Festival of Spring on the Full Moon in Gemini Lunar Eclipse. This Festival is known as The Goodwill Festival of Humanity. During this Full Moon Festival, the Divine Love of Christ from the First Full Moon and the Divine Enlightenment of Buddha from the Second Full Moon, are intensified and exponentially expanded in, through and as the mental and emotional bodies of our beloved Mother Earth and all living Beings.

This infusion of Light enhances our ability to unify our hearts and minds with the Divine heart and mind of Source, of our Mother-Father-God, of the Universe. The synchronicity of these two powerful events, the Full Moon Festival and the Eclipse, gift us the opportunity to move higher in the Light and to draw in the Divine Momentum of the many blessings available to us in this Mystical Month that is May.

Join me for this LIVE EVENT to Activate Your Heartlight with the Light of Source and Cocreate Your Perfection Patterns in the Quantum with the Universe.
This is a LIVE EVENT ACTIVATION you want to participate in as it will open you to receive more light, bounty, abundance and the PERFECTION OF YOU available in the higher vibrational energetic frequencies flowing on this Full Moon in Gemini Lunar Eclipse, the Goodwill Festival of Humanity. During this Activation, we will awaken the field of light and love needed for you to flow higher and more abundantly with greater ease and grace through the second half of 2021. Given the significance of this transformational time in our planetary evolution where we are still winding up the breakdown of the old outdated patriarchal systems and moving into the new heart-based time of breakthrough, gift yourself this LIVE EVENT to support you in opening to your life lived full-out on purpose in the light. I am offering this as a pay-what-you-can event (suggested minimum donation is $12.00 usd). There will be a replay for repeated use to deepen the work and for those unable to join live.