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In this Solstice Attunement, we will be doing a Lotus Flower~Sacred 8 Activation in the 28th Dimension, the Realm of Visions, Dreams, and Magical Manifestations. All things are possible in the 28th Dimension and when coupled with the high vibrational energy of the Winter Solstice, and the 1 day that is 12/21/2020 which draws us ever close, as One with Source, this is sure to be a supercharged Activation that you don’t want to miss!

On this day, with the shortest amount of light and the longest night, we open to the perfect balance of light and dark available when we release the dark or shadow sides. Take a moment and breathe into that harmonious balance and the promise of more light to come. As a collective, together with Mother Earth, we are experiencing major energetic upgrades as we close out 2020, the year of the collective breakdown that is leading us to the breakthrough into the Light. There is currently a lot of static energy and with the usual intense holiday energy swirling all around coupled with the energy that is the global pandemic, this can be quite a challenging time for many of us. When in the midst of such energetic intensity, it’s important to remember the truth that Mother Nature offers ~ it’s always darkest before the dawn. In the Northern Hemisphere, we are passing through the narrow birth canal so-to-speak of the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, and we are being asked to leave behind what is no longer needed as we move onward and upward. And for those in the Southern Hemisphere, remember that the brightest light casts the darkest shadows.

Trust in the transformation available in these dark, dense, heavy times and the good available if you release what no longer serves and open to the light. As a collective we are not taught to honor or respect this aspect of our cycle and yet in these passageways through the dark nights of the soul, your very being is being birthed into what more you are here to be, do, have and create. Trust and be patient ~ as with a planted seed, you cannot see the growth but it is happening nonetheless.

Allow yourself to gently release what is coming up in your heart, mind and soul ~ old memories, patterns, beliefs, constructs, paradigms and perspectives that no longer serve come up to be released. Trust that things are unfolding for your highest good even when in this moment, it may look and feel like things are breaking down, falling apart and failing ~ they are and that is as it should be. The old ways and paradigms are dissolving and all that was created in fear and anger is falling away. Allow yourself to tap into these energies and let go of that which no longer serves the truth and light of you.

The combined mighty and powerful energies of the up-leveling of Mother Earth and the Solstice, are all prompting and supporting us to awaken and expand our conscious awareness for maximum healing followed with the gift to all who open of ever so much more freedom.
To be sure, this time and this energy is intense so greater self care is asked of us.

Give yourself plenty of space and stillness. Rest. Drink lots of water. Get your feet on Mother Earth, connect with the trees and stay grounded. Take long walks. Laugh. Dance and move your body in ways that prompt a re-memory of the divinity that is you. Sing. Play with children or simply observe them at play taking in the energy of their delight in the present moment. Observe the twinkling holiday lights. Share and receive love with a smile, a hug, a random act of kindness. Allow yourself to enjoy and celebrate these magical holy days as you open to the full truth and light of the miracle that is you. And give yourself the gift of this supercharged Solstice Attunement in the 28th Dimension with the Lotus Flower-Sacred 8 Activation in the 28th Dimension.

Recorded live 12/21/20 at 11:11am Pacific