Accessing the Higher Love of Unity Consciousness in the Milky Way and Beyond


44 Minute Audio Activation
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In this powerful 44 minute activation, our healing and up-leveling work centers around resurrecting into and accessing the Higher Love available in Unity Consciousness as One with All That Is.

From a metaphysical perspective, resurrection is the restoration of mind and body to their original, infinite, eternal, undying state. When we fully embody the infinite indwelling Spirit and come into Higher Consciousness with Mother-Father-God-Source of All That Is, we are each of us imbued with the exact same spirit and power as that of Source, of the Divine, of the Universe.

We are the Universe and the Universe is us and this activation brings us back to that state of being and into practice with the Spiritual law of I AM that I AM. On this journey, you can expect to have the experience of more fully embodying your I AM presence, wherein your mind, body and soul align and are upleveled into the knowingness and beingness of your infinite immortal eternal soul, your Self. Through this journey you can also expect to have the experience of becoming an inhabitant here and now in the new heaven and a new earth. Join me on this journey of healing, expanding and opening your 3D self to the spiritual I AM that is the truth and light of you embodying and dwelling with ease and grace in Mother-Father-God-Source of All That Is.

This latest addition to Beth’s Activations, is now available to you as an MP3 for $44 USC.

Note: While no guarantees can be made of each individual’s experience and results (your experience in the use of this Activation depends upon your willingness to release what doesn’t serve and open to what more is available to you), repeated use of this Activation can help you reset your frequency to flow as One with Source and in the frequency of abundance with ease and grace.