As we end 2018, reflect on all the challenges it offered, and, recognize the many opportunities that arose to release and surrender the old, the dense, dark and heavy that no longer serves. Use these last hours of 2018 to surrender, clear and release any emotions trapped in any of your bodies ~ mental, physical, spiritual and energetic ~ into the energy bonfire. Be grateful for all and for everything ~ and if you don’t need it, let it go.

Take in and receive the lessons 2018 brought and then allow the energy of the 2018 challenges that prompted these lessons to burn up in the energy bonfire and scatter on the energetic wings of the flame to the four-corners of the earth.


Now open to the miracles ahead in the energy of new beginnings that is 2019. Open to the magical, miraculous, abundant, prosperous new beginnings of 2019 and breathe that frequency in….ahhhhhh delicious!

As we begin 2019, it is important to Invoke the Light and open fully to the truth and light of all of who you are to set the tone for the new year, a year of new beginnings.

To tap into the full magnificence of the sacred energy of this Invocation of the Light of New Beginnings, gaze into the image below ~ and affirm with me;



Sending you the energy of a happy, healthy, prosperous, abundant new year.

Peace and blessings and much great love to all,


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