Today’s Divine Reflection:
As we begin 2021, it is important to open to the truth and light of all of who you are to set the tone for this new year of Breakthrough and Transformation.
I AM holding the space of Transformation in the Light with ease and grace for each of you. To tap into the full magnificence of the sacred energy of this Invocation of the Light of Transformation, affirm aloud ~ “Yes. I AM THE LIGHT.”
Peace and blessings and much great love, Beth
Happy New Year my beautiful Tribe!

We are not only moving into a New Year but into a new frequency of light as we leave the Age of Pisces and move into the Age of Aquarius. An astrological “age” only shifts about every 2,150 years so 2021 surely will be a pivotal year for us all.

The Age of Aquarius offers a new energy of a progressive, forward-thinking shift in the collective mentality from a “me first” mentality to concern for the well-being of all. This New Age brings the frequency of visionary, rebellious, innovative, and eccentric Aquarians (of which I AM One ~ could you tell?!). This frequency focuses on humanitarian pursuits that value the individuality of each and every person, holding space for, loving, supporting and caring for one another which naturally calls for disrupting the old patriarchal “me first no matter the harm to others” system. This New Age brings a major shift in power dynamics so openly embrace that shift even if it disrupts and brings discomfort. For millennia, power has rested in oppressive patriarchal, hierarchical structures and those beliefs dictated our culture, society and reality. In this New Age of Aquarius, the balance of power is shifting to the individual which gives each and every one of us the freedom to choose our own reality in alignment with the calling of our soul. Choosing higher my beautiful friend has never been more important than it is now.

This whole decade carries an energy that raises the collective consciousness of all humanity to transform world events in positive ways that have never before occurred. This is the experience we have all been working toward and the reason we incarnated in this life. Know that each and every one of us already has all what we need within our heart and soul to participate in this transformation. We each of us have the wisdom and sacred knowledge, ability and courage necessary to fulfill our Divine Missions and our own unique part of this wondrous, miraculous Divine Plan. Be willing to respond to the opportunities our I AM Presence brings into our conscious awareness.

This New Year continues to lay the foundation for all that is coming in, through and as Mother Earth over the next 9 years of this decade that has already brought massive breakdown. Given that the energy around us remains ripe with static, fragmented, electricity full of elementary particles, quarks and gluons from the fear, worry, anger and chaos flowing in the collective consciousness throughout 2020, it is easy for your vision to become obscured and cloudy. When this happens, you can become blocked from experiencing the many miraculous new blessings coming in. You can also be blocked from accessing the frequency of abundance. So if you find yourself whirling about in the fear and chaos, ground and breathe. Be kind and gentle to yourself. You are not alone.

To release this fear, first acknowledge it and feel what you are feeling. Everything is energy and pushing down the fear or turning away from it results in it getting trapped within our bodies and that isn’t something that will get you the experience of a joyful, expansive, abundant life. Even when feeling our feelings is painful, know that pain is just a temporary aspect of moving through it to the other side. Giving our shadowy feelings the acknowledgement they seek opens the way for those feelings to be released and to no longer have control or power. Once the shadow feelings are acknowledged and released, you can then return to flow in the frequency of abundance with ease and grace. From this state you open to receive infinite blessings and miracles as you are no longer in a frequency of fear, lack, limitation and even desperation.

The energies coming in 2021 and over the next 9 years of this decade allow us to make this quantum leap in our consciousness. Hear the call to step into greater love, light, peace, joy, neutrality, health, creativity, fun, prosperity and abundance in all things. Hear the call to cross into this New Year, on a high vibrational note that empowers, awakens, inspires and expands each and every one of us. Allow yourself to enter 2021 will the experience of inspiration, rejuvenation and a new commitment to, and connection with, all you are here to be, do, have and create. Allow yourself to align with your highest good and grandest visions of your life lived full out on purpose.

As you work to BE PRESENT and open to living your life on purpose with ease and grace, tap in to whether the Monthly Energy Healing Call will serve you. We are in the fourth year of the MEHC and have built a very powerful M-Field that supports us all to our highest success. In order to allow the power and expansion of the work and our M-Field to continue to deepen and expand, registration for the MEHC has been closed for the last quarter of 2020 and it is now open though not for long. So if monthly healing and journeying along with ongoing support is what your Soul is longing for, then jump on this now!
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MEHC Information
Wherever you are on this propitious New Year’s Day, whatever you are moving through, be sure to embrace the change and transformation asked of you and all it brings up with gratitude, light and love. To be sure, there are powerful openings on the other side of change and releasing resistance. BE in the present moment with much great gratitude. That’s where your true power is ~ right here, right now, in this moment with gratitude.

Sending you much great love, light, ease, grace and peace, and the happiest of Happy New Year!