Hello my miraculous friends!

Can you believe we are already in the 2nd month of 2019?! I trust that you are riding the waves of energy and remembering to breathe through the ups-and-downs.

I AM grateful to each and every one of you for being here as we all move forward and shine our light on the planet. This month energetically will bring relief from the denser, heavier, wavy energy we have been moving through. For most of us this new energy will bring shifts into greater ease and flow especially with regard to our physical and emotional well-being. Additional time for self-care is in order for you to tap into these new energies. It is also essential that we choose higher and keep our focus on the experience of that which we seek to have as these new energies amplify what we are ordering up from the Universe so-to-speak so be mindful.

These energies also support us in feeling back into all of our bodies physical, mental, emotional and energetic or spiritual ~ a sort of coming home feeling for many. This energetic opening is also giving us the chance to discover the new patterns, ideas, behaviors, routines and actions that are in alignment with the truth and light of us, with ourselves flowing in the most abundant, most empowered aspects of ourselves. I AM sure you are ready for that – I know I am!

This month you may find yourself called to laugh, play, and connect with your inner child. If this type of behavior doesn’t come naturally to you then it is time to open to your playful delightful adventurous side so that you can naturally express yourself in this way with ease and grace. Even if you haven’t allowed yourself to feel the freedom, love and joy of your inner child, that’s the old paradigm and it is time to let it go. Having the experience of laughter, fun, play and joyful delight is truly who each and every one of us are at our core, before we let the demands of 3D life, familial and cultural mores and programming turn us into stiff and buttoned-up adults. Let it go and let it flow is the new order of the day so your homework is to laugh, have fun, be joyful and play, play, play! These are all high vibrational activities and essential to our ascension and enlightenment so let go and flow!

Many of us think enlightenment and living on our lives on purpose is a serious quest and that could not be further from the truth. Enlightenment, opening and awakening is giving ourselves permission to simplify our lives and “to lighten up.” Be open to learn the lessons held within each challenge you face in a given day and then integrate that new information into your life. This is the blessing that this new energy and this time of relief and greater ease and grace hold for us. Allow yourself to reframe and view life from a more enjoyable and fulfilling perspective – think of each moment and task not as what you have to do but what you get to do – this simple shift makes a huge difference in your experience of life.

Sending you all much great love, light and peace,