Today’s Divine Reflection:
There is nothing like gratitude, love and appreciation to get you into the flow. The more gratitude you feel and express for everything ~ even the challenges which are our greatest teachers ~ the greater will be the outpouring of good from the Universe. ~Beth Herndobler

Here in the US, we have eleveated gratitude to the level of a national holiday. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November. This holiday is associated with Pilgrims and Native Americans coming together out of chaos, deprivation, and even some fear and animosity, for a harvest feast. Thanksgiving at its core symbolizes intercultural peace, America’s opportunity for newcomers, and the sanctity of home and family. Some of these things our country needs to remember and shift some policies around and to that end I send love, light, forgiveness and gratitude to our governing powers that be.

The Thanksgiving holiday is a reminder to extend our grateful thoughts to the Divine, to Mother, Father, God, Source of all that is, however you view your higher power, for all their manifold blessings. It is a day to be grateful to Mother Earth for all her bounty bestowed upon us. It is a day to remember that “Surely goodness and loving-kindness shall follow me all the days of my life” (Psalms 23:6). And we give gratitude and thanks that this goodness and loving-kindness is the Truth and Light of each and every one of us. Thanksgiving is a day to remember and reflect upon all our bountiful blessings and to actively practice gratitude. Thanksgiving and gratitude practiced every day keeps the heart fresh; just like rain falling upon ready soil, refreshing it and increasing its productivity.

We don’t need a holiday to bing gratitude into our focus and in fact its better to find gratutude in each day rrather than once a year. Establishing a gratitude practice starts with the higher choice to flow gratitude each and every day and to begin with feeling gratitude for yourself. And to be grateful for ourselves, we start with loving and accepting who we are, where we are and being grateful for the journey knowing that we have always done the best we could with what we had available to us at the time. To support you in being grateful to and for yourself, to loving yourself fully, you may choose to have the expereince of the Soul Star Golden Pyramid Activation that you can find on the Free stuuff tab of my websitee or on my YouTube Channel .

And either way, to support you in this day as you are reading this blog, I flow endless, boundless, unbridled love and gratitude from my heart to yours. Wherever you are, whatever you are moving through, be sure to embrace all of it with gratitude. BE in the present moment with much great gratitude. That’s where your true power is ~ right here, right now, in this moment in the empowered frequency of gratitude.

Know that I AM so very grateful for each and every one of you. Know too that I AM holding the space for you to have the experience of a peaceful, bountiful, abundant and joyous Thanksgiving day. Whether you are celebrating the US Thanksgiving Holiday or not I send this same blessing and energy to you on this magnificent day!!!

To miracles, love, light and YOU!