Dear One,

Moving into November, and the Thanksgiving holiday celebrated here in the US at the end of the month, has me reflecting upon gratitude. A strong and dedicated gratitude practice creates a state of grace and leads to a flow state. It is in this state of gratitude, grace and flow that opens You to the Truth and Light of You.

Ask yourself – what lies within waiting, yearning, to be born, to be brought out into the light? That’s where you want to put your attention – within. Everything is energy. The vibration you hold and flow determines the experience you have. Gratitude not only makes you happier it also makes you healthier and aids you in entering a flow state where everything seems to go your way with ease and grace. Scientifically, a flow state is an alpha brainwave state lying just between consciousness and unconsciousness. It is our most creative, joyful, productive, and relaxed state. A flow state occurs energetically when we are most tapped into our right brain and open to a deep connection with the Universe – flowing as One with Source energy.

If you are invested in seeing the world as a mean, hard, frustrating place, then that’s the experience you are going to have. If instead you choose higher and commit to finding an authentic reason to give thanks and be grateful for what you are experiencing, an overwhelming body of research (as well as my own personal experience), establishes that you’re going to experience more joy, vitality, and inner peace. Gratitude doesn’t just make things feel better – it also taps you into the frequency of things being better, of the frequency of abundance and grace. Recent research shows that gratitude is good for your physical, emotional, and mental health all necessary for an abundant experience of life. People who express more gratitude have fewer aches and pains, sleep better and have stronger mental clarity.

All of the world’s wisdom traditions show us that life was never meant to be a struggle. Tune into the stillness at the center of your heart. It’s there that problems can be dissolved with ease and grace while new solutions can be received. Your higher self, the Universe and all of the Divine want only the best for you. A life aligned with the laws of nature is not only easier; it brings love, creativity, joy and abundance as that is our birthright. Release the structure of your old outdated mindsets and open to transforming them into a gateway to freedom, expansion and to flowing in the frequency of abundance with ease and grace. Show up to your life. When you show up and face your worst fears, regardless of what happens, you will realize that you didn’t crumble in the process.  Even if you fall on your face, you won’t be down for long because the very act of showing up encourages and strengthens you and expands your confidence. The only way to gain that confidence is to just SHOW UP and LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE!

Nothing will ever take the place of trusting what is yours to do and then doing it. There is something more longing to be born through each and every one of you. Develop a daily practice that supports you taking time in stillness to discern what is yours to be, do, have and create. Whether you fall down or succeed straight out of the gate, you are meant to step forward on purpose standing in the truth and light of YOU no matter how scared you may be. In fact, if you aren’t scared along the way, then your vision of your life lived abundantly and on purpose isn’t big enough.  To fulfill your dreams and your divine missions, you will at times have the experience of being afraid so extend gratitude to the fear and then take that big step anyway knowing that the divine has your back. Action is alchemy and your ceiling today may very well be your floor tomorrow after you have done the work and have shown up.

To enhance your gratitude practice, keep a gratitude journal. Each morning as you open your eyes, Ask yourself “What am I grateful for today? Who am I grateful for?” and then write 3 things, people, animals and pets, aspects of nature and so on, that you are grateful for in your journal ~ the day, your comfy bed, the birdsong, the breakfast you will eat, the hot shower you will take. Big or small, miracles and blessings abound ~ we need only be present enough to observe and receive. Then at the end of the day, read and reflect upon what you wrote in the morning and add 3 more things you are grateful for. Studies have shown that keeping a gratitude journal for at least 21 days shifts your emotional body to a higher level of optimism and that the expression of gratitude leads to measurable positive effects on multiple body and brain systems. “If [gratitude was] a drug, it would be the world’s best-selling product with a health maintenance indication for every major organ system.” {Dr. P. Murali Doraiswamy, head of biologic psychology at Duke University Medical Center}

Believe me, I came kicking and screaming into this woo-woo stuff but one day it all fell into place and I could “see” the work I was here to do and that’s when I started developing my program of helping guide people back to themselves, to their purpose, to flowing in their truth and light. And I can tell you that all the work, all the changes and the commitment to a daily practice was so worth it. I really truly am happy most every day ~ I am human after all so there are ups and downs but I always find my way back with gratitude. If I can support you in reaching this flow state of abundance and grace, reach out. I AM here for you.

To demonstrate the application of these principles, I am including a video below of a recent interview on the Mundane to the Magical Summit with my friend and colleague Louise Matson where we talk about my journey from the law to the light and I share some practical tips on how you can open to receiving the abundance that is your birth rite. Enjoy!

As you work to BE PRESENT and open to living your life on purpose with ease and grace, tap in to whether the Monthly Energy Healing Call will serve you. We are in the second year of the MEHC and have built a very powerful M-Field that supports us all to our highest success. In order to allow the power and expansion of the work and our M-Field to continue to deepen and expand, registration for the MEHC has been closed for the rest of this year. Stay tuned for when it will reopen in 2019.

Wherever you are, whatever you are moving through, be sure to embrace change and all it brings up for you with gratitude. To be sure, there are powerful openings on the other side of change and releasing resistance. BE in the present moment with much great gratitude. That’s where your true power is ~ right here, right now, in this moment with gratitude.

Sending you much great love, light, ease, grace and peace,