Hello my beautiful Tribe!

I AM so grateful you are here receiving what I have been guided to share with you.

How are you feeling and flowing of late? I expect it’s been a bit bumpy and wavy for you as it has been for me. We are in the midst of some really strong energy, for some fierce even, that is asking us to open and receive. To do that, we need to let go of the density we are carrying – not always the easiest thing.

Between the July 2nd New Moon and Solar Eclipse, and tomorrow’s upcoming Lunar Eclipse (the last lunar eclipse of 2019) and Full Moon (July 16th), together with 6 planets in retrograde, we have the opportunity to lean in to this energy and release that which no longer serves so as to open to what more is possible for us.

So what does all this have to do with Gershwin, Feinstein, Peacocks and my Father? Well as you may remember (or not ~ that’s OK if you don’t!), my beloved father, Poppy, made his transition on January 9th of this year. Since then he has been present quite often and sends me messages through birds (mostly crows), music and in my meditations. As we moved into this fiery, fierce energy earlier this month, I began to feel his presence quite strongly. A week ago he even moved in front of me to invite me to dance when one of our favorite songs came on the radio – such a beautiful moment. Given the bumpy, wavy energy, I did not allow myself to be present enough to tap into the deeper meaning of this and instead “thought” his more prominent presence this month was due to that energy and the way it has been affecting me. Until last night, when I realized I was missing the deeper meaning because I was viewing these events with my left brain, my Masculine Mind. I am reminded as I write this that Poppy used to say, “there you go thinking again, it’s going to get you into nothing but trouble.”  So true Pop so true!

Last night my friend Connie and I attended an outdoor concert at the LA County Arboretum, a spectacular place to connect with Mother Earth. Michael Feinstein was conducting the LA Philharmonic Orchestra playing a program of Gershwin music (didn’t know that until we got there). It was a magnificent night. The air was deliciously cool after being blisteringly hot all day. The people my friend and I shared our table with were delightful. The trees and the near full Moon with Jupiter brightly visible off to the right (here in So Cal anyway) sprayed us with delicious, expansive energy and the Earth under my bare feet allowed me to effortlessly BE connected – as above, so below.  As the concert progressed I could really feel my father there but again I poo-pooed it “thinking” he was in my head since he was the one who introduced me to the music of the Gershwins. I found myself getting verklempt as I took in the music and contemplated my upcoming trip to Chicago to meet with my family and scatter his ashes over his parents’ grave sites. I leaned over to share my feelings with my friend. She grabbed my hand and said “awww he’s here you know – I can feel him now.” And right then a peacock squawked loudly breaking in on a moment of silence before Michael Feinstein announced that the next and final song would be “Rhapsody In Blue” (our favorite Gershwin tune) and at last I received all of this fully with my right brain, with my Divine Feminine. I heard, sensed, felt and knew, that my Pops was and has been all month, thanking me for all we shared and for taking care of him even still, 7 months after he released his mortal coil. My friend laughed loudly and said “I told you so,” and I got full body chills then and now again as I write this.

I share this with you my beloved Tribe along with a heartfelt question for you ~ where are you not receiving what the Universe, the Divine and all your guides, angels, ancestors and wise-one team is sending your way? What guidance, love, encouragement support and adoration are you not letting in? What do you need to release to create more space to receive? This is what these fierce, bumpy, wavy energies are about – shaking us up to shake loose all the dense old energy, limiting beliefs, trapped emotions, trauma and pain that is no longer (and never was really) ours to carry. Breathe that in and on the exhale let it all go. Be grateful for this opportunity no matter how challenging the external circumstances of your life may be.

In support of you being shaken up to loosen and let go of all the crud it’s time to be rid of, I have prepared a short Energetic Chakra Meditation for you. I would be delighted to hear from you as to what your experience of this Meditation is.

Energetic Chakra Meditation
Thanks for being here ~ thanks for being you.

Sending you all much great love, light and peace,