Hello my friend!

This month of September as a 9 month brings us to a point of completion of all we have released, cleared and invites us to integrate those shifts into our four bodies (mental, physical, emotional and energetic/etheric/spiritual). Allow yourself to feel into all the work you have done with a big sigh of satisfaction. And then take a few deep breaths of celebration as you call in and allow ever more of the new high vibrational light and energy to refresh and activate your body all the way down to the cellular levels and into your DNA. Invite in and allow this energy to flow in, through and as you.

Today, September 23rd, is the 2019 Autumn Equinox. Take a moment now to tap into the powerful energy flowing in, through and as Mother Earth and each and every living being on the planet. Take another deep breath in right now and receive deeply the divine balance of masculine and feminine energies available right here, right now. Ahhhh delicious!

Every year, the Earth and all living beings on it, complete our annual journey around the sun. Twice each year, in the Spring and again in Autumn, we experience the Equinox, where the light of the day and dark of the night are evenly balanced. The Equinoxes signal the shift between the length and balance of day and night and calls us to do the same. On the Equinoxes, when the Sun evenly plays its light upon the planet, the calling to step into balance and flow is stronger than at any other time of the year. The Autumnal Equinox holds a spiritually unique energy as it marks the end of what is ready to be complete this year and calls us to turn and open to what next is coming for us. The key to tapping into the energetic power of the Equinox is to fully and finally release and surrender what is done, to go within and allow balance, neutrality, to be the foundation as you ready yourself to bloom anew in the coming year. The Autumnal Equinox asks us to fearlessly face the night and the dark, heavy, sludgy, old aspects of ourselves ready to be called into the light and retired once and for all.

What are you ready and willing to let go of right here right now with the Support of the September energy and that specifically of the Equinox? As you access what you are willing to be done with and to release, imagine a vortex vacuum running counterclockwise under your feet and at the base of your aura. Send the narrow funnel end of that vortex vacuum down into the center of Mother Earth where there is a huge golden ball of grace light. Lock that vortex vacuum into the gold ball and then using your breath, on the exhale direct all 4 of your bodies to release that which you are done with down into that vortex vacuum. Repeat this process with each idea, thought, limiting belief, pattern, paradigm and experience that no longer serves and all that you are ready to be done with. When you are finished, shut the vortex down letting it be absorbed into the gold ball. Acknowledge your gracious gift to Mother Earth as all that you release will be transmuted for her use in healing. Acknowledge and celebrate your willingness to participate in the Autumnal Equinox Ritual and the healing of the planet

Now is the time to face and surrender the darkness within your mind, heart, body and soul and open to the magnificent light that is you, to what more is possible for you to be, do, have and create. I AM holding the space for you to freely fearlessly shine ~ to tap into this flow, affirm with me out loud: I AM shining my magnificent light full out NOW!

As you work to BE PRESENT and open to living your life on purpose with ease and grace, tap in to whether the Monthly Energy Healing Call will serve you. We just had the first anniversary of the MEHC and have built a very powerful M-Field that supports us all to our highest success. In order to allow the power and expansion of the work and our M-Field to continue to deepen and expand, registration for the MEHC has been closed for the rest of this year. Stay tuned for when it will reopen in 2019.

Wherever you are in these beginning days of fall, whatever you are moving through, BE in that with great gratitude and allow.

Sending you much great love, light, ease, grace and peace,