Today’s Divine Reflection:
Give Yourself Permission To Be. Just Be. Drop your resistance. Allow yourself not to do that thing you don’t want to do but feel you must. Just let it go… breathe in the freedom and expansion that remains when you release the “gotta,” the have to and the should. It is in that space of being where you will find the energy, clarity and vision to do what you are resisting, or that other thing that is yours to do instead. ~Beth Herndobler
Hello my beloved One,

The breakdown continues with multiple planets in retrograde, as well as the energy of a Full Buck Moon in Capricorn and a Lunar Eclipse still washing over us. So take a moment right now and take a deep breath in and exhale all the stress, doubt, worry, fear, annoyance, frustration, anger, resistance and all other low dense energy that doesn’t serve you. And now take in another breath breathing in love, peace and joy and then exhaling all else that is not that.

These energies invite us to stand in our truth and light fearlessly, independent of old patterns, paradigms, limiting ideas, patterns and beliefs. This energy and these aspects mean that a lot that we’ve been holding deep within us is coming to the surface to be acknowledged and released. That invitation carries the supportive energy of a soft cozy warm fuzzy blanket so feel into that and call that experience in as you release and transcend the old anchors – releasing ancestral patterns and limiting beliefs and triggers from trauma and points of pain. Take another deep breath in right now and tap into the energetic flow of freedom from all that no longer serves. Take a moment now to invite those energies out with gratitude and love, always with gratitude and love. It is through gratitude and love that we truly become independent and free to be all of who we came here to be in this incarnation. Choosing now to release, making this choice to be free and independent, to stand in our individual truth and light with great love and compassion for ourselves and all others, we invite in and create a new balance, a new state of harmony one with all that is. This is Awakening.

Set your intention that right here right now you are freeing yourself from and transmuting deeply held beliefs, ancestral and otherwise, so that you can choose to have instead the experience of moving forward with peace, ease and grace as you open to and embody Source as a human field. When all of your bodies, mental-physical-emotional-spiritual, and the entirety of you at all levels human and spiritual, are aligned, that’s when you open to receiving, to manifesting what more is possible for you and what you came here to be, do, have and create with ease and grace.

The current energies and aspects are the perfect spring board from here to there, into the experience of whatever you desire to have the experience of. We are roughly halfway through 2020, this year of the most interesting of times in my lifetime, a time when tremendous transformation is occurring everywhere all at once on ever so many levels. With this you can open to and claim the experience that you seek to have and thereby set the course individually for the pace and direction of the second half of 2020, and beyond. During this time continue to breathe deeply, stay grounded and connected to, or in some cases, reconnect to, the Energy of a Loving, Nurturing, Universe. It is through that connection that you will feel heard, seen, loved, appreciated, acknowledged, and truly know your power, the power of your Divine Sovereignty. Breathe in and declare I AM AMAZING….. ahhh that feels so nourishing and expansive!

These are indeed challenging times so do reach out if you need support. I AM here for you always.

Much great love,

Beth                                                                                                                                                                  Bet