Hello my miraculous friends!

So grateful that you are here. Take a deep breath in and on the exhale let everything go. There is spectacular power available to us in our breath and we so often forget to tap into it. Take another deep breath in and let all the to-do’s and have-to’s go and be here now in this present moment ~ right here, right now with me. Ahhh that feels so groovy!

Doing this a few times throughout the day soothes your nervous system and allows you to tap into a delicious, divine flow state. Allowing your breath to support you while staying grounded is key to navigating the energies flowing this month. From a numerological perspective, as a number 5 month, May carries the energy of change and even of new beginnings. The new higher dimensional energies continue to flow into the planet and quite strongly into those open to receiving. The Divine Feminine continues to call to be recognized in all her magnificent splendor. This rise of energy and the Divine Feminine may be bringing up a bit of chaos in your life ~ remember breakdown is breakthrough. Remember too that the next level after the breakdown is the breakthrough to an abundant life lived on purpose where miracles are the order of the day on a level we have never before experienced – the Divine order available at this time is nothing short of absolute perfection (ooohhh getting full body chills!).

With such strong energy flowing, it is ever more important to remain grounded and to Flow Love, Compassion (especially to yourself), Forgiveness (again, remember to forgive yourself – you have always done the best you could at the time), and Gratitude (again, extend great gratitude to yourself for being you because you are AMAZING!). Take time this month of May to reflect on what really matters to you and release the rest. To surrender and release all that which no longer serves is to create space to receive what does. So let go and open. And as always, I am here to support you as you allow yourself to open to the new you, to your new life, a life lived on purpose, full-out and flowing in the frequency of elegant, exquisite abundance. Remember – Flow Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude. That’s all!

To help you on your way, here is the replay of my recent show with Patty Malek on Soul Talk. In this interview I share details about my journey that have not previously been shared in public. I was called to go deeper, be vulnerable and fully transparent so as always I have to honor the guidance even when it may feel like I AM being exposed! I AM that I AM so here I AM! In this interview you will also learn the basics of how to reset your neural pathways to flow in the matrix of abundance. And if this interview and information inspires you to go deeper and work with me, here is a link for information on the package I offered and how to purchase it.


For additional ongoing support, at a most reasonable rate, join our MEHC Tribe. This group energy healing work is a powerful, expansive and affordable way to up-level your frequency. If this speaks to you, you can sign up for the MEHC here. The Call is the first Saturday of the month at 11:00am PT. The next call is Saturday, June 1, 2019. There is always a replay if you can’t make the call live and you will still receive the energetics of the work as they are embedded in the replay and sent out to all who are subscribed. On occasion, after the work is done, we stay on the line for a spontaneous Q & A where the Tribe gets to ask for guidance and serve and support each other. We did that after our April call and the additional healing that occurred for the group that remained on the line (and me!) was spectacular! I was flying high all day!!!

Here is some of what people are saying about their experience with the MEHC where we worked with the heart and crown chakras to cleanse, clear and open to receive these new energies:

Todays MEHC brought me to tears again, so there was still something to let go of when receiving the 4 heart energy lights from the 4 Archangels. And did you notice, that our Soulsister from Australia had already a slightly higher shift in her voice after we extended our love and blessings to each other in the Q & A after the call? I noticed it when she talked after our Inner-Outer Circle. I trust she will break through now with more ease and grace and will be patient and take good care of herself. ~MB

It has been 30 minutes Since the MEHC and I AM still tingling and buzzing all over my body. I absolutely loved this profound energy healing! This healing has been supercharged with some other things that have been divinely added to my life recently. I AM so grateful for this call. Everything happens in perfect timing. I plan on listening to the recording of this call daily. It will be part of my habit stack. Thank you again, Beth. I AM so filled with gratitude. With all my new amazing energy, love and light, PHH

WOW… full body chills several time and I felt some pain and or pressure in my pineal area and it released. Loved feeling “loved on” by the Divine Feminine Beings. I went out and lost you for a bit after that. I really needed that mothering so wallowed in the cloud bed a bit longer! You my friend are talented and gifted, at the Master level of balancing those diverse yet complimentary energies. I am so proud and grateful to be on your team. Thank you my fabulous partner! ~ JLH


Thanks for being here ~ thanks for being you.

Sending you all much great love, light and peace,