Dear One,

It has taken me a very long time to openly embrace change and transitions even though I have long considered myself to be very flexible. Years ago my dear soul sister, Lonie Walker, wrote a song called “Change Is Good” and thus began my consciousness of embracing change as a positive. More recently while on the road, I had a session with my dear friend and colleague, Jeanie Tapp, wherein I was lamenting that the transitions from traveling took a lot out of me and that I couldn’t “wait to get back to my life.” Very gently Jeannie said, “Beth it’s all your life.” Such a simple and perfect truth. So totally clueless about it! I have been working ever since with that aspect of me that resists change and transitions ~ an aspect of me I was totally unconscious of until that moment.  And then just three weeks ago, as I prepared for several back-to-back trips, I once again asked Jeannie for help as my body began to exhibit cold-like symptoms. Jeannie guided that I needed to look at my aura and the “tiny bit of resistance to travel” that my body was alerting me too. Together with the Angels, Jeannie and I worked on this and within an hour all was well. It was quite miraculous.

The freedom and expansion I have experienced as a result of that work and the release of the resistance to change, transitions and travel (none of it conscious), has allowed me to travel with ease and grace from the pacific time zone to eastern, back to pacific for 2 days and now in the central time zone of the US all in just under 3 weeks. And tomorrow, I AM off to Spain!

The significance of all of this for me goes beyond the release of the subconscious resistance to change, transitions and travel. This release has also opened me to a whole new layer and deepening of my intuitive gifts. I have been asking for over a year now for a greater connection to the elementals, to mother nature and specifically to trees. Along the way, I experienced moments of frustration that “nothing was happening.” And now with this recent release, the space to receive was created, the doors were flung wide open and amazing things have happened.  It isn’t possible really to effectively put into written words the full measure of this experience, so instead I share with you the videos I made while the opening was occurring.

Trusting the “Wrong Way.”
Trusting the “Wrong Way” Pt. 2: Traveling Through A Sacred Tree Portal
Trusting the “Wrong Way” Pt. 3: Orbs and the Eye Portal.
As you work to BE PRESENT and open to living your life on purpose with ease and grace, tap in to whether the Monthly Energy Healing Call will serve you. We just had the first anniversary of the MEHC and have built a very powerful M-Field that supports us all to our highest success. In order to allow the power and expansion of the work and our M-Field to continue to deepen and exp

and, registration for the MEHC has been closed for the rest of this year. Stay tuned for when it will reopen in 2019.

Wherever you are, whatever you are moving through, be sure to embrace change and all it brings up for you. To be sure, there are powerful openings on the other side of change and releasing resistance. BE in the present moment with great gratitude. That’s where your true power is ~ right here, right now, in this moment.

Sending you much great love, light, ease, grace and peace,