I have always ascribed to the view that the “truth” should never interfere with a good story ~ after all where’s the fun in that! So why not shift the story you are running about yourself and your life to one where all is well and YOU are the ONE! What have you got to lose but the limiting ideas, belief and patterns that don’t serve anyway. Not sure how to do that? Contact me and I will teach you all the tools you need to shift into this new reality of you! ~Beth Herndobler
Hello beloved One,

We are in the penumbra of the 2020 Surgeon Full Moon which was exact here in the US last night at 11:59AM ET. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this August full Moon is named after the freshwater fish found in lakes and rivers in North America. It is also known as the Barley Moon, Fruit Moon, and the Grain Moon. You might say, another month, another full moon or as my young niece said when invited to get up to look at the brilliant full moon, “that’s OK I’ve seen it before.”

In terms of age and demographics, I am a Baby Boomer. My niece is a Millennial, also known as Generation Y (Gen Y) and as is typical of most Millennials, she is the child of another Boomer, my brother. So why do these distinctions matter? The Millennial generation is largely marked with elevated usage of and familiarity with the Internet, mobile devices, and social media, so much so that they are sometimes called Digital Natives. Boomers on the other hand, like myself and my brother, didn’t experience computers until decades into our lives depending on where they grew up. I happened to attend Morgan Park High School in Chicago in the 1970s, the first Chicago Public School to teach computer science (think main frame that filled an entire room and data key punch cards to program that mainframe – for those Millennials reading this who don’t know what these arcane precursors to desk top computers then laptops and now notepads and smart phones are, look it up!).

Now that we are in the midst of a pandemic, many of us are spending loads more time on our devices so much so that a new term “Zoom Fatigue” has emerged. With the shifts to virtual everything in this time of social distancing and safer at home (especially here in the US where we just don’t seem to have aligned at all with how to respond to this pandemic though that’s a commentary for another time), many of us are operating in the realm of Digital Natives. That being the case, it is important to mindfully, consciously back away from your electronic devices to connect with Mother Nature and the powerful and stunning Full Sturgeon Moon.

This Full Sturgeon Moon is about to bring in some intense energy – check out the Astro Aspects below for more details on this. This Moon is in the sign of altruistic Aquarius which I love since I AM an Aquarius! Aquarius is the humanitarian sign of the zodiac and coupled with the Full Sturgeon Moon energy we are called to seek justice and reconciliation and to embrace change ~ BIG CHANGE.  The glow of this Moon, calls us to be more open to taking divine right and perfect action around transforming our views, patterns and beliefs so open to learning new things and finding new higher choice causes to stand behind. It is time now to step out fully and live your life full out on purpose standing fully, joyfully, confidently in the truth and light of you. This Moon energy has a fight–on aspect that when channeled to a higher purpose can aid us in stoking our inner fire to activate and move us higher. With this powerful energy flowing, it’s important to remain calm and at peace approaching things from neutrality without judgment, attachment and expectation. It is a powerful time for manifesting goals if you know how to harness and alchemize the energy (which is what we learn in Mastering Energetic Alchemy, the advanced level of my Master Class Trinity ~ powerful stuff!).

To make the most of this powerful and propitious Full Sturgeon Moon energy, get off your devices and out into nature both in the day and at night under the Moon. Be the Light. Be Peace. Live the Light and Be.

Here’s an exercise to assist you in opening to these energies of change and transformation ~ consider what visions, dreams or goals that you desire to have the experience of. Who do you need to forgive most to create space for that experience and I suggest you start with forgiving yourself? Is there a relationship you want to improve? An intuitive ability or gift you want to learn? Now grab a pen and paper and write it all down. Next ask yourself, what one thing can I do right here right now from where I am with what I have available at this time, to open to that experience becoming a reality? Write it all down and then consider what you have brought forth and opened to. Now to complete the exercise, commit to taking that action step before week’s end and then add the next and additional action steps to build momentum and to communicate to the Universe that you are ready! Full Moon energy can be felt for a few days before and after the full phase so take these steps now to exponentially expand your choices and actions with the energy of change currently flowing.

In addition to the Full Sturgeon Moon energy, we are just moving out of July’s energy that ushered in some very intense wavy energies (I sure felt it did you?!). These energies combine to set the stage for the upcoming tremendous gateway, the Lion’s Gate Portal on 8~8, a most propitious date for transformation. The Lion’s Gate Portal began opening over a week ago on July 26th and it reaches its most expansive opening on 8~8 when the full potency of its energetic force and offering is available. More on that later this week but for now, tap into this energy as well.

Peace and richest blessings,