Hello my miraculous friends!

Today is the Full Strawberry Moon which will be visible in the company of Jupiter just off to the side of the brilliant moon.  Jupiter is closely aligned with manifestation because of its position in the solar system. Jupiter rests directly in the center of the orbital line of planets, with four planets preceding it (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars) and four planets extending past it (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto). This position of balance, a position of harmony and balance of the divine feminine and divine masculine energies, makes the energy of Jupiter ideal for justice, manifestation and perfect order. Taken together, the energy of Jupiter collaborating with the energy of this Strawberry Full Moon, creates a powerful time of opening to your intuitive gifts, strengths and powers as we harvest the seeds we planted earlier this spring. The Strawberry Moon is a time of transformation as you continue to open, blossom and bloom. Now more than ever with this potent Full Moon and the upcoming Summer Solstice just days away, it’s time to stay in the present moment.  Connect with the Universe to call in more soul of the spirit and frequency of Love and Light allowing it to manifest within your heart and then send it out to the world that is still filled with so much darkness. Remember that even the smallest of candles can light the darkest of rooms when aimed intentionally in a focused direction. Everyone present on the earth at this time is called to expand and strengthen the flow of Light and Love so activate your heartlight and send it out into the world through the course of each day.
June’s Full Strawberry Moon got its name because the Algonquin tribes knew it as a signal to gather ripening fruit. It was often known as the Full Rose Moon in Europe and the Honey Moon. This full moon signals that fruit ~ particularly strawberries ~ are ripe and ready to be picked.  So too it’s time for your to mindfully pick and declare your intentions. Time to weed out what is no longer supportive and useful to create space to open to what more the Universe has for you. Time to open to receive the fruits and bounty of all you have been calling in ~ time to manifest the experience of that which you seek. There must be space for you to receive this bounty and to manifest so this Strawberry Full Moon calls us to clear and release.
Here are three areas to consider clearing in order to create space to receive:
•    Clear and cleanse your spirit and soul. Renew your commitment to your daily practice.
•    Clean up your diet and support your physical body to function at its best. Get sufficient rest and move throughout your day
•    Clear out closets and drawers and let go of that which is no longer needed or used. Remember, reduce, reuse, recycle. Pass on what another may need that has outlived its time with you.
•    Clear out any clutter around, under or near your bed and in the room where you sleep. This time spent in your bed is time communing with the Divine in your unconscious dreamtime so treat your bed as a sacred space and prepare it to be such.
Take your time with this clearing out and know it will move you along on your spiritual path and move you gracefully toward living your life on purpose manifesting the experience of your dreams with ease and grace.  Clutter whether in the external 3D physical or in the internal, in the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual or energetic bodies, tends to attract dense, low-vibrational, negative energy.  This is why cleaning out your physical body temple and your home, office or work space is essential as it frees up the energy and lets more high-vibrational energy and light in. Full Moons, especially this Strawberry Moon, supports this work and is also a special time for us to connect to the Universe, to the Divine, as we connect with the light power and energy of the moon.
At the heart of the matter is love so go forth in these powerful yet friendly and supportive frequencies on purpose with your heart wide open flowing love and compassion for all sentient beings especially yourself. Be present. Be mindful and set positive intentions to call in the experience of that which you seek. Be you shining your light freely. BE.

To support you in your work to clear and release, I am sharing the Fibonacci Spiral Clearing and Reset from my recent appearance on Soul Talk. This is the 5th Activation in the Fibonacci Series that allows you to tap into the exponential expansion of abundance and to have the experience of being in “the Flow”. In this Activation, we will use the Fibonacci Spiral Brush to clear, cleanse and release that which no longer serves to create space to receive more of that which does. Open to what more the Universe has for you to be, do, have and create. During this Activation, Archangels Michael, Rafael, Gabriel, Divine Mother and St. Germain assist you in opening to the truth, light, love and power of you. Experience the Violet Flame and the Heartlight of St. Germain being infused into your crown to reset and recalibrate everything in your brain and all of your energetic body to the higher vibrational frequency of flowing as One with all that is.
Note: The waviness in the sound is present as a result of the depth of the energy work embedded in the transmission of this Activation.


Fibonacci Spiral Clearing and Reset
Thanks for being here ~ thanks for being you.

Sending you all much great love, light and peace,