Hello my miraculous friends!

How goes it with you? Are you riding the complex October waves of energy or getting wiped out by the chop of these powerful waves? Perhaps as with me, your experience is a bit of both.

At this time of year, autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, the veil between the everyday illusion of separation and the Divine Truth of eternal Oneness with all that is, between this plane of existence and that of the spiritual or etheric world, is very thin and allows for deeper connections to ourselves as Divine Beings. And at this particular time in the last quarter of 2018, there is also very potent higher vibrational 5th dimensional energy flowing into the earth, making this the perfect time for big shifts, up-leveling and forward movement into fully living your life on purpose. To tap into this powerful energy, it is essential for each and every one of us to learn to navigate these energetic waves and their impact on all of our bodies, physical, emotional, mental and etheric, to support us in moving through this shift with ease and grace. This new energy is a call to healing the heart and connecting to the soul of the planet and all its inhabitants. As you likely have felt already, this new wave of energy is very intense and is calling your attention to everything that is ready to be cleared which can be very challenging. Open to letting go of that which has served its time so that you can create the space to bring in new higher vibrational frequencies, people, places, things, activities and what more is possible for you. This potent new energy will support you in this releasing, this drawing to an end of that whose time has come to be done and gone. So instead of reacting with a “what is happening I thought I was done with this,” respond with gratitude and willingness to get the lesson being offered to you with the recurrence, the re-presenting, of that you believed was over and done. Make no mistake, because the veil is very thin and the potent new energy is flowing in, this can be a very exciting time and also one that tends to be quite bumpy where things can really get shaken up. Throughout this month, October 2018, especially at the end of the month, tap in to the energy that is lifting the veil as it allows you to see the truth and light of you, your connection with your Higher Self and the Divine. More meditation and rituals that support and open you to this connection signals to the Universe your readiness to lift the veil further to allow you to gaze into the space of pure empowerment and awakening, that space between this world or the other dimensions.

This month when the days are getting shorter and Mother Nature is readying herself to temporarily go into the dormancy cycle, prepare yourself for your own expression of this cycle. This autumnal harvest season is waning and in that process of transition, a doorway between the season of summer, of growth and blooming, and the season of winter, of hibernation and restoration, is open and waiting for you to move through. Remember that at this time when everything is in a state of flux, you have the chance to see beyond the flux and chaos and the realm of constant change, to the wide open space of the eternal realm where love, light and peace flow with ease and grace. You may experience some physical challenges or disruptions, perhaps even some recurrence of a dis-ease, dis-comfort or physically disruptive patterns of sleep and energy. Express gratitude and welcome these challenges and disruptions as they are messages from your body, from the very cells and tissues of the body, calling you to finally and fully release trapped emotions, stress, trauma, ideas and familial patterns and programs of your lineage that no longer serve your highest good. Stand as witness observer to these challenges and allow this new energy to support you in calling to the surface all that it is time to clear. Your container, your physical body, will react to this experience in various ways that you can support by flowing Divine Heart Light into any affected area. Visualize the Heart Light transmuting, clearing, healing and dissolving the dense heavy sludgy disruptive energy in that affected area. Take several measured deep breaths to still the mind. Expand the Heart Light through your body and run it through your heart and your mind. Stay centered, grounded and calm using the life force of your breath.

As you move through the day, remember to call yourself home, back to center. Remember there is nothing wrong ~ we are only adjusting to this intense energy as we learn how to BE in this new 5th dimensional earth energy. Know that while this energy is quite intense and will continue through the end of 2018, it is supporting each and every one of us coming into alignment with our highest good. So hang tough! Draw comfort in the knowing that we are all going through it together. And if you need additional support, reach out to me. I AM here for you.

And to support you in moving into a balanced, grounded, centered state from which to flow, here is a guided meditation for you.

Another most excellent and affordable tool to support you in releasing what doesn’t serve and flowing in a balanced centered state is available to you with the Monthly Energy Healing Call. If this group energy healing work, to clear and release and to up-level your frequency, speaks to you, you can sign up for the November Monthly Energy Healing Call here

Until we meet again, go gently and be well my friends.

Peace and blessings,