Today’s Divine Reflection:
Allow yourself to trust in the flow of this day. Hear the call to more deeply align all of your bodies ~ mental, physical, emotional and energetic or spiritual ~ with what is most needed in this moment. This requires you to surrender to allow the creation of a different day than that you had ”planned,” to allow for the day that is in your highest good and the highest good of all to be unveiled. This is the day longing to come forth for you ~ the one that flows.
Affirm with me now: I AM Flowing today and every day. And so it is.

After a nearly two month absence from both social media and from creating the inspirational messages I share in these newsletters, I’M BACK! During this pause, I moved through the coronavirus and all it taught me about deepening the connection to all of my bodies, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual/energetic, at deeper levels with greater clarity. It taught me so much more about patience and surrender, trust and allowing.

To be sure, I only had a moderate case much like a narsty flu. After 10 days of being laid low in bed, I started to feel better and did what I have always done, I pushed through everything I was feeling to get back to work and “caught up.” This is a very old pattern, something I have always done (rather proudly in years past) and always to the detriment of my mind, body and soul.

So much so that in the last decade of my time practicing law, I began experiencing the onset of a variety of dis-eases and rather than listen to my body which wanted me to eat better, stop drinking so much, exercise, rest and be still, I went to a series of doctors looking for answers and the “cure.” Not getting any real answers, I eventually went to a medical doctor who also practiced Eastern medicine. She told me after viewing the results of my blood work, that I had clearly been running on adrenaline for years and needed to stop or I would be facing some serious dis-ease processes. She also warned me about eating commercially farmed “terrorized meat” among many other recommended dietary changes most of which I implemented but a decade and a half later! While I didn’t listen right away, eventually, very slowly over many years, I did change everything I was doing and created my new life lived wholly on purpose and in alignment with all I AM here to be, do, have and create ~ I opened to the me that connects with you here. I grew in my awareness that the answer always come from within and isn’t about finding the right fix or cure “out there.”

So how does this relate to my experience with the Coronavirus? Well, as I teach all my clients and students, there is always more to learn and deeper layers to move through and clear. Since I wasn’t fully present to what more I needed to learn, the virus set about working with my body to teach me once again. After I was “better,” my left-brain, mental-mind, egoic-self kicked into gear and resurrected those old patterns and paradigms urging me to push through and “get back to work.” I believed I was listening to my body and was only doing what most needed doing since I was resting between sessions. I didn’t get back to exercising straight off, didn’t publish FB posts, continued to go to bed earlier and so on. And yet, the pressure the ego was laying at my feet caused me to miss that I was not actually listening nor being fully present. Because I was pushing through in a more limited and different fashion than in days of old, I bought the hype and lie my ego was advocating that I was “doing the right thing.” That’s when the aftereffects of the Coronavirus, intermittent fatigue and mild brain fog, kicked in to get my attention so that I would truly reconnect my mind, body and soul. The body is the one aspect of our being that never lies. Once I allowed and took in the truth my body was communicating, only then did I get the point and fully reconnect to deeper levels of patience and surrendering my will. The body always works for our highest good and one way or another it demands our attention. Thank you my amazing body; I hear you, am grateful for you and I love you. BOOM ~ fatigue and brain fog gone!

So my friends, hear the message without the dis-ease and dis-comfort. Take time for you. Spend time in stillness and silence. Breathe deeply. Be in nature. Meditate more. Listen, really listen, to your body. And above all, be grateful for everything ~ even the challenges hold gifts, often in the form of much-needed lessons, so surrender and receive, trust and allow.

Ahhh breathing in all I experienced and what I have shared. Breathing in how glorious it feels to be back here with you my tribe. My egoic mental mind wanted me to return weeks ago but by then I had caught on and stood firm in my highest good and my truth and light. I return to you in this now moment in alignment with Divine timing and I AM so grateful. Grateful for all the blessons (lessons in the blessings), all the divine gifts and my radiant vibrant health.

We are each and every one of us being called to action now. Deep within our soul we know exactly what we are here to do and what heart-centered right actions we can take to amplify the light in the world during this critical phase of Mother Earth’s Transformation. The Divine wants you to know that if you judge yourself not to be a Lightworker since you live your life doing ordinary things to survive, to keep yourself and your family together and safe, that this judgement of yourself is a miscreated lie. You are a Lightworker because we are all One With All That Is, with Source, with the Universe. And with every conscious breath you take, you draw in the light and love of the Divine, the life force energy that sustains each and every one of us. You draw in the light of the Divine with every thought, word, feeling and action whether consciously done or not. So choose higher my friends. Choose to acknowledge YOU ARE A LIGHTWORKER and are here to bring more light and love to this planet and all living beings present on the planet at this time. Choose Higher. Trust. Surrender. Allow.

It is easier than you think. Each and every time you share love with or help another person, extend compassion to the another, bask in the wonders of nature, nurture and care for another living being whether human, plant or animal, you amplify the Light of the World. In the small act of opening your heart to gratitude for simply being alive, you stand as a Lightworker. Receive that and be that more mindfully, more consciously to expand the truth and light of you, to live more fully and wholly on purpose.

In every moment of your day, take a mindful, conscious, deep, easy breath and surrender to the Divine, to the Universe, to Source guiding your thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. This practice done before taking action on any mundane 3D world responsibilities and all the challenging situations that may arise, allows you to be intuitively guided to take right and perfect action in ways that add to the light of the world instead of the shadows. When you consciously act from this heart-centered space, no matter what you are doing nor how menial or challenging the situation may be, you bring more light to the world. This one simple shift in your conscious awareness will be a major factor in fulfilling your Divine Mission to exponentially expand the light in Mother Earth. Be that Light my friend. I see it and you and you are brilliant and amazing.
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I AM and remain deeply grateful for you.
I AM here for you so if you need support, reach out.
Peace, blessings and much great love,