Wahoo my beautiful glorious Tribe!

We are so powerful that we knocked out the video feed on the FBLive after just 7 minutes of the energy work! Fortunately I followed the guidance beforehand to separately record the Activation so we have that here to enjoy. There are a few minutes that are now only available on the short FBLive video on my page that I had to trim from the audio in order to upload it to YouTube so if you are curious check the video out on my my FB page.

As I said in my email to you yesterday, the real journey and experience of the Lions Gate Portal is up to you. The opening of this Portal is a magical, mystical time accessible only from the heart so stay open. Allow this energy to support you to explore your intuition, higher realms of consciousness and the infinite ancient wisdom that lives within you.

Accept without judgment and see the light within each one of us. Don’t be distracted by our differences. We are all here on Earth at this time to aid in this healing and up-leveling. We are all one and the same even though we each have our own unique journey though the path for all is to return to love, to our true self and to leave this planet in a better state than when we arrived. We don’t have to do anything heroic or huge. We only need to find our way to the truth that we are all one and that within that truth all you will discover is love.

Whatever way you choose to reflect upon, celebrate and tap into the energies of 8/8/2019 and this Lions Gate Portal, I honor and celebrate you for showing up!

8~8-2019 Lions Gate Activation for the 3rd Eye and Heart Chakras
Thank you my beloved for being here ~ thanks for being you.

Sending you much great love and joy on this most expansive and propitious day!