Today is a powerful day. In numerology the date adds up to a 9 which is the symbol of wisdom and initiation. In Hindu Astrology, 9 represents the planet Mars. Mars is all about courage, energy, passion as well as anger and fire. In Vedic Astrology, 9 is associated with Mangal (the Sanskrit name for Mars) and carries the energy of strength, militancy, simplicity and courage. Mangal/Mars, is said to be the Bearer of Welfare and is the planet of action through exploration and protection. Mangal/Mars’ characteristics include discrimination, determination and will power. Although the Sun is said to be the source of universal power, Mangal/Mars is the executive branch acting on behalf of that power and as such is the bearer of welfare and protection from emotionally charged, i.e. angry, explosive, invasions. On a personal level this planet connects with the immune system, blood circulation and general masculinity (whether physical or divine masculine). So today, choose how you wish to tap into and expand this powerful 9 energy. Choose Higher.

Today, and every August 8th, is also the Lionsgate Portal said to be a gateway into the heavens and higher realms of consciousness. Given the alignment of the Sun, Sirius (known as our spiritual sun) and the Earth on this day, energetically high frequencies are beamed down to Earth from Sirius to aid in our ascension and up-level the consciousness of the planet. During the Lionsgate Portal, it is easier to access higher dimensions and receive downloads from angels, messengers, guides and your ancestors. It is also a great time for releasing and healing old wounds, trauma and trapped emotions. It is an equally great time to open the heart chakra and third eye as the high-frequency energy of Sirius is readily received through these chakras. Tap into and receive heart healings and openings, as well as third-eye awakenings during this Lionsgate Portal. This is a very potent time to release, cleanse and clear any blocks and stuck points and to open and expand your heart and third eye energy.

This year the 2018 Lionsgate Portal will also activate the Cerebellum Chakra at the back of the neck. This chakra is quite sensitive to psychic and empathic energies. Empaths are on the rise on planet Earth as they bring in more love, empathy, compassion and understanding much needed on planet Earth at this time. The 2018 Lionsgate Portal invites us to embrace our empathic qualities and to use them to serve the planet. Use the energy of this Lionsgate Portal to honor your empathic gifts for the source of strength they are. Sirius’ energetic waves reveal that love is all and that love is the frequency to flow. In fact, love is the only thing left when we strip the ego of its power to run us. The more we can extend love to and through our hurts, our sorrows and challenges, the more we forgive, the more we open our hearts to all the beings we share this planet with, the sooner we will heal, energize, shine and uplift the vibration of the world for ourselves, for each other and for Mother Earth.

Accept without judgment and see the light within each one of us. Don’t be distracted by our differences. We are all here on Earth at this time to aid in this healing and up-leveling. We are all one and the same even though we each have our own unique journey though the path for all is to return to love, to our true self and to leave this planet in a better state than when we arrived. We don’t have to do anything heroic or huge. We only need to find our way to the truth that we are all one and that within that truth all you will discover is love.

To enhance your connection with the energies and frequency of the Lionsgate Portal, create an intention or mantra beginning with I AM. For example:

I AM safe and can open my heart and see through my third eye.

I AM a divine being of light and love.

I AM strong and clear and live in my truth.

I AM open to and receive all guidance and all good now.

Once you have set your I AM intention, cleanse the back of your neck, your Cerebellum Chakra, by gently flooding that area with warm water either in a shower or by pouring warm water on the back of your neck. As you cleanse the Cerebellum Chakra repeat your I AM mantra 8 times. It is also highly recommended that you meditate briefly afterward focusing on the Lionsgate Portal to open to and receive any intuitive messages, guidance and insights. Gaze into the image of the Portal if that helps you connect.

Whatever way you choose to reflect upon, celebrate and tap into the energies of 8/8/2018 and this Lionsgate Portal, I honor and celebrate you for showing up!

To miracles, love and light, Beth