Hello My Powerful Tribe,

When I began writing this a few days ago, I was listening to a broadcast of a Ladysmith Black Mambazo concert (South African group of a cappella singers) and they were singing “Long Walk to Freedom.” The song is written about Nelson Mandela’s work and the struggles to end apartheid in their country. Such divine synchronicity that as I was writing you about the upcoming Global Meditation for Healing, Peace and Freedom, “Long Walk to Freedom” played in the background. The concert was to have been that night at Royce Hall at UCLA. Instead, Ladysmith recorded the concert to an empty hall after they arrived in LA on March 19th just as everything was being cancelled so that it could be broadcast on the night there were to perform. This and so many other examples of folks rising to the challenge and coming together is truly a tribute to the indomitable human spirit at the core of each and every one of us. Important to remember all of this as we move through these current times where the old structures are breaking down ~ only with this global breakdown can we truly break through so that the magnificent light of higher dimensional realms can come through.

This is an unprecedented and amazing time in the history of the planet. A time when the outer conditions mandate that all of us worldwide slow down and be still. There is a divine invitation whispered in the breeze, cascading from the rays of the sun, illuminated in the glow of the moon and the twinkling messages of the stars and heard in the waves on the water. So too the birdsong reflects this invitation to go within, to go deeper, to awaken, enlighten and ascend together for that is the only way we rise ~ together. We are all one and no one can awaken and ascend fully unless and until we all do. We need to shine our light on all the dark dense pockets of energy no matter where they are, no matter which living being is holding that density. As can be seen in the many heart-wide-open actions of support, comfort and uplifting that is being exhibited throughout the world at this time, together we rise. Powerful times we are in.

To that end of rising together, I invite you to join me on April 4th at 7:45pm PST, in a synchronized global mass meditation for healing, peace and freedom. The organizers are aiming  for a million people to come together, something never done before. For more information about the organizers and the Global meditation, click on either of these links:

To further support you in these challenging times, below is an 18 minute Heart Light Activation. Gift yourself this brief amount of time to breathe, ground connect and restore.

             Heart Light Activation for Peace and Healing

As you work to BE PRESENT and open to living your life on purpose with ease and grace, is your Soul calling You to join the Monthly Energy Healing Call and become a part of our high vibrational transformational Tribe? And are you hearing the call and listening? For the energetic exchange of $35/month, you can become a member of this Tribe. Registration for the MEHC is now open for a short time. Don’t delay as I am not sure how long we will be allowed to keep it open since we have to keep our powerful M-Field tight!
Register Here For MEHC
Wherever you are, whatever you are moving through, remember that you are, I AM, all is and will be well. BE in the present moment with much great gratitude. That’s where your true power is ~ right here, right now, in this moment with gratitude and love. Help spread this message and the light by sharing this newsletter and info about the Global Meditation if you feel moved to do so.
And thank you Alice (a student in the current AMC) for sharing with me. I look forward to joining together with you on 4/4.